Thank you to Standard Films for contributing TB Series footage.

The TWS Legend Award is awarded to honor achievements in excellence by individuals who have brought a lasting and important contribution to the growth of snowboarding. It was first awarded in 1995, and has been a part of the Riders’ Poll Awards show off and on ever since. Here is the roll call of past winners:

Sherman Poppen: Grandfather of the sport

Jake Burton Carpenter: Founder of Burton Snowboards

Tom Sims: Founder of Sims Snowboards

Chuck Barfoot: Founder of Barfoot Snowboards;

Chris Sanders & Bev Sanders: Cofounders of Avalanche snowboards

Mike Olsen & Pete Saari: Co-founders of Mervin Mfg.(Lib Tech and Gnu Snowboards)

Regis Roland: Godfather of European Snowboarding

Terry Kidwell: Father of Freestyle Snowboarding

Dimitrije Milovich: Founder of Winterstick Snowboards

Ken Achenbach: Godfather of Canadian snowboarding

Craig Kelly: Pioneer of Professional snowboarding/4-time World Champ

Mike McEntire: Film pioneer/Mack Dawg

Mike Hatchett: Film Pioneer/Standard Films

Shaun Palmer: Pioneer of professional snowboarding

Bud Fawcett: Photography pioneer

Tom Hsieh: Pioneer of Snowboarding Magazines/International Snowboard Magazine (ISM)

Damien Sanders: First Rock Star of Snowboarding

Larry Balma & Peggy Cozens: Co-founders of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Tom Burt: Snowboarding Pioneer, Pioneer of Backcountry Snowboarding, AK Pioneer

***And Announcing the recipient of the 2011 Legend Award: Mike Ranquet***

You’re invited to join us for the 12th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado on Friday, January 28, 2011. Click here for more information.