Tom Burt’s 2010 Legend Award Speech

Thank you to Standard Films for contributing TB Series footage.

The TWS Legend Award is awarded to honor achievements in excellence by individuals who have brought a lasting and important contribution to the growth of snowboarding. It was first awarded in 1995, and has been a part of the Riders’ Poll Awards show off and on ever since. Here is the roll call of past winners:

Sherman Poppen: Grandfather of the sport

Jake Burton Carpenter: Founder of Burton Snowboards

Tom Sims: Founder of Sims Snowboards

Chuck Barfoot: Founder of Barfoot Snowboards;

Chris Sanders & Bev Sanders: Cofounders of Avalanche snowboards

Mike Olsen & Pete Saari: Co-founders of Mervin Mfg.(Lib Tech and Gnu Snowboards)

Regis Roland: Godfather of European Snowboarding

Terry Kidwell: Father of Freestyle Snowboarding

Dimitrije Milovich: Founder of Winterstick Snowboards

Ken Achenbach: Godfather of Canadian snowboarding

Craig Kelly: Pioneer of Professional snowboarding/4-time World Champ

Mike McEntire: Film pioneer/Mack Dawg

Mike Hatchett: Film Pioneer/Standard Films

Shaun Palmer: Pioneer of professional snowboarding

Bud Fawcett: Photography pioneer

Tom Hsieh: Pioneer of Snowboarding Magazines/International Snowboard Magazine (ISM)

Damien Sanders: First Rock Star of Snowboarding

Larry Balma & Peggy Cozens: Co-founders of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Tom Burt: Snowboarding Pioneer, Pioneer of Backcountry Snowboarding, AK Pioneer

***And Announcing the recipient of the 2011 Legend Award: Mike Ranquet***

You’re invited to join us for the 12th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado on Friday, January 28, 2011. Click here for more information.