This Time

30An Awakening Giant?

Rossignol has become one of the major brands in the United States despite its past blunders with board graphics and brand image. Now it says those problems are in the past and its focus is on the U.S. market.

32Burton’s Top Executives Speak

“The biggest threat to us now is keeping the interest-I don’t want to say excitement, but whatever it is that snowboarding has been known for-we’ve got to keep that going”-Jake Burton Carpenter.

41The SNOWboarding Business World Report

Like it our not, bigger forces are invading our world, and as technology and communication improves, and economies become ever more interdependent, what happens an ocean away can no longer be ignored by the snowboarding industry.

25A Day In The World Of Snowboarding

Trek around the globe as we visit seventeen(?) countries in fifteen time zones(?) on four continents to find out what happened in the snowboarding industry on October 15, 1998.

57The Industry’s Toughest Job

The job of a company sales representative is hardly a slothful sinecure for aging bro/brahs. As the snowboard market has changed, the demeanor and professionalism of many reps have changed with it. So, who is this new breed, and how and why has their role changed?

58The Designers

They are responsible for what snowboarders look like, how they ride, and the image we convey to the mainstream world. We interview some of the top designers of boards, boots, bindings, and outerwear to uncover the trends you’ll see at the SIA Vegas show this year.


9Industry News

FIS pushes for better Olympic coverage, doing the step-in recall shuffle, K2 moons New York, sidewalk surfing with Lib Technologies, boot tariff hijinks, Ride unloads SMP, vacationing in Russia, Mondial whoops it up, grasping for straws in USA Today, grooving with Gravis, girls and carpet at Hansen’s, turning screws with the masters, and why the UK scene doesn’t suck. All this and more!


Updates from companies, distributors, and resorts around the world.

20Regional Reports

Thirty-six shops answer the same question: How has retail competition changed?

59Market Watch

The view of the industry from 37,000 feet.

60Tech Talk

Match your wax to the day’s snow condition and other service basics.

61On The Slopes

Meet the inventor of the Pipe Dragon, ride with AASI at Copper, and get the latest resort news from around the country.

64Movers And Shakers

Who’s working where now?


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