Tips For Selling To The Fairer Gender

These days, more and more women are snowboarding. While outerwear remains a male-dominated category, women are on the move, giving manufacturers and retailers another outlet for profits. Over the past few years, apparel manufacturers have been expanding their product line, creating more SKUs designed for women.

Just as women buy differently, they also shop differently. Below are some points to consider when selling to the fairer gender:

à'• Make it worth her time. Women like clean, tidy, and well-lighted stores that provide an interesting atmosphere.

à'• No B.S. No patronizing. Women want to know the bottom line, such as “Will this jacket keep me warm and dry?”

à'• Even though women tend to buy outerwear a size (sometimes two sizes) bigger, women want to look like women. Order accordingly.à'• Women are shoppers, and they will look for sales.

à'• Keep it fresh. Women will revisit a shop to see what’s new.

à'• Men buy by piece. Women buy outfits¿and also accessorize.

à'• Be careful with compliments, it’s a double-edged sword.

à'• Suggest add-ons.