Tiny Type 14.6

For this edition of Lifestyles Of The Sponsored, Shameless, And Sometimes Nameless, we begin with Morrow’s Tyler Lepore, who seems to be enjoying his new neighborhood-maybe a little too much! The view from his apartment looks right into the window of his neighbor, who happens to be hot and naked most of the time. Apparently her favorite activity is doing chores in the buff, as well as moving furniture and entertaining visitors. Also entertained are Tyler’s friends who come over to perv out, watching the show with the lights turned off and coldies in hand. And while on the subject of Tyler, he thought he was pretty tricky last month when he gave out his home number on the Morrow catalog-request line knowing he was going to move. But now when you call his old number, it gives you a referral to his new digits-Canadians!

Tyler’s teammate Josh Dirksen crashed the “All Girls Surf Weekend” when the Northwest snowboard-world ladies were invited to go surfing with Ride’s Greta Brumbach. In keeping with the Northwest theme, it was raining the entire time, except on Josh’s birthday when it cleared up, and they had a great day of surfing. There’s still speculation as to whether or not “Diggler” really was clued in to where the girls would be camping-the money’s on Josh’s pure instinct to sniff out single women.

WWF wrestler Randy Savage was seen partying with the Airwalk crew, and even though they didn’t have much to talk about or many things in common, the team at least got some good fashion tips and muscle-building pills.

In Burton team news, they were just in Las Le§as, Argentina, for their photo shoot, where all sorts of shit went down. It all began with D.C.P.’s David Carrier Porcheron twentieth birthday in Buenos Aires when he, Greg Dacyshyn, Pat Malendowski, and Marcus Egge decided to hit the town at 2:00 a.m. even though they had a 5:00 a.m. bus ride to the domestic airport. They returned around 4:30 a.m. with D.C.P. in fine shape. Supposedly, the women-to-men ratio all night was five to one, and the girls loved Egge, mistakenly thinking he was a movie star or something. Finally at the airport, Greg realized he’d left his airline ticket back at the hotel. With little time to spare, he purchased a new ticket, grabbed a beer, and waited for the boarding to begin.

Once in Las Le§as, the group decided to hit the nightlife again. They charged the Disco KU, and at 1:45 a.m. on Saturday, but almost no other revelers were there. Fog machine and Euro music … pounding beers … more beers … at 2:15 a.m. the place was half full … at 2:30 a.m. the place was jumping, but still a sausagefest. At the end of the night, everyone slowly escaped, except for Greg, who in an attempt to continue the party, broke both his tibia and fibula when he slipped on black ice on his way to some loc’s pad. Greg showed up at the room with the aid of some woman around 6:15 a.m. He was messed up real bad, and no one had anything stronger than Advil for pain.

Nitro’s own The Pretty Good Band will not be able to play during the Vegas trade show because thirteen-year-old frontman and son of Nitro Owner Sepp Ardelt can’t miss school. Plans are being made, however, to feature some of the other members, including Owner Tommy Delago and teamrider Jonas Hagstrom, at the Nitro lounge in Vegas. Plans for the band to play at the U.S. Open are also in the works.

With the help of Mr. Yoshida, there’s a new snowboard company in the works just for females. So far, the team consists of Roberta Rodger, Leslee Olsen, Janna Meyen, Cara-Beth Burnside, and Tomo. Iris is launching a sunglass model to add to its already-stylish goggle line. And young entrepreneur Jeff Jewett has been creating a street buzz for his new shoe company, Savier.

Nirve has announced the addition of Mike Basich to the company’s team of elite athletes. Type A Snowboards is pleased to announce the addition of Ben Ashburner and Lane Knaack to its team. Ben is a 22-year-oldd veteran of the snowboarding world, having been pro now for almost six years, and resides in Tahoe, California. Lane has been a fixture on the Junior World Halfpipe Team for the last few years and is in Mammoth training for the season.

Joining Mark Reilly, Rahm Klampert, Trevor Moore, Aaron Jarvis Carr, and Becky Read on the competitive circuit representing Killington, Vermont are rookies Andrew Mutty, Jay Bayne, and Eerik Ilves. Also, Killington and Sierra-at-Tahoe in California are among the latest resorts to implement a superpipe.

David Pitschi has finally recovered from a long six months of knee rehab-he recently hit his first real straight jump at Val Senales, Italy and landed in the flat-his new knee was able to handle it.

Do you ever wonder what you could do with 500 kg of TNT? Check out Marco Lutz’s new video A Moment’s Notice to find out. A Moment’s Notice is the third release from Marco and the crew at SigSagSug and their first 16mm effort. Also keep your eye out for Teton Gravity Research’s newest extreme film, Further, featuring Jeremy Jones (voted one of the World’s 25 Best Outdoor Athletes by Outside magazine), among others.

The first all-amateur snowboarding video, Perennial, is in the works in Lake Tahoe, produced by Blake Baratta and Peter Tankersley. Young bloods featured include Jeff Johnsen, Chris Hotell, Ryan Fagan, Mike Branzell, Simon Ray, Sean Tedore, Eric Messier, Robbie Sell, Stephen Duke, and many more. A short five-dollar video should be available in February, and the real deal will be out in September 2001. Call Peter at (530) 583-4042 to find out more information or place an order.

And finally, keep your eyes peeled for J.P. Walker, Jeremy Jones, Todd Richards, Dave Downing, Shannon Dunn, Tina Basich, and Erik “The Mule” Leines, who are out spreading the good word of Nixon. Nixon has been really tight on the whole T-shirt promo thing, making them only for the team, but now each rider has personalized 100 shirts with a quote, and they’re traveling the globe spreading the joy. Try e-mailing them on Nixon’s Web site at www.nixonnow.com, or you can wait ’til they come to a resort near you. Either way, you’d best get ’em while you can!