LOS ANGELES, October 2, 2003 — “GKA, a half hour action sports show dedicated to promoting and showcasing female participation in action sports, will make its debut on Fox’s new action sports television network, FUEL. Hosted by one of the most recognizable female pro athletes in the world, snowboarder Tina Basich, the show will draw upon the action sports and production experience of producers, The Alliance, to set the show apart with an authentic perspective and unique style. Airdates will be set soon and posted on www.fuel.tv.

“At the simplest level, we kept ‘GKA’ true to the sports and athletes that we know and love, but we also set the bar pretty high for the content and production value of the show, said Chris Zamoscianyk of the Alliance. “We’re utilizing an array of cinematic elements found in contemporary music videos and commercials, including film, digital video, flash graphics, and a banging soundtrack.

While female athletes take center stage, “GKA’s dynamic range will appeal to all ages, ability levels and genders. The show combines lifestyle elements, such as music and entertainment, with the best female riding on the planet. Mixing in trick tips, athlete profiles, Tina’s video diary and a vivid audiovisual style, “GKA will break new ground.The Alliance will continue to seek out the most unique, dynamic and relevant content for upcoming shows of “GKA. Story ideas can be submitted by contacting The Alliance at 323-692-9848, or through the show web site, (launching October 8).

Tina will also be showcased in her autobiography, “Pretty Good For A Girl (HarperEntertainment; October 2003). The book is filled with trick tips, photos, journals, and sidebars on how to snowboard, winning over men on the slope, and being a snowboarding queen in your own right.Entertainment business veterans Zamoscianyk, Scott Mellini and J. Tosh Lu, themselves active participants in action sports culture, created The Alliance to produce and develop films, videos and episodic production with out all the hot air. Their concept: a production house that inspires creativity through an open, fun and interactive environment, while staying on the cutting edge of production techniques. Coupled with a brain trust that has vast experience in all facets of filmmaking including concept, production, post, marketing and distribution. The Alliance has the ability to nurture a project from conception to completion.