San Francisco, California (September 20, 2001) – After years of collaboration on a wide range of projects, Threatmedia and Forcequit have merged to become THREAT. This union reflects a culmination of months of careful planning to bring the companies together as a single entity with the power of six partners. “We have avoided the common pitfall of requiring an adjustment period to get used to each other by already being intimately familiar with everyone’s work, processes, and philosophies. Our various talents complement each other perfectly, and we seized the opportunity to utilize our collective strength as one company moving forward” states Sam Becker, Director of Client Services.

The newly formed THREAT provides extensive creative services and develops marketing strategies focused on youth culture. Specifically, THREAT intimately grasps today’s youth market and its rapid change in trends. With its founders’ deep backgrounds in action sports, marketing, design, and multimedia development, the company understands important business factors such as manufacturers’ selling seasons, delivery timelines and marketing methodology. All are aspects crucial to growing a solid brand.

Tony Guerrero, THREAT’s Director of Sales offers, “We each needed what the other company had to offer. It’s pretty much a flawless match. This merger now allows each individual to focus on his best strengths and put out better work, faster. The beauty of all of this is that there isn’t much overlap of resources as with similar companies. Consistency is our mantra, and in this case, we are practicing what we preach to our clients.”

THREAT has expanded its office to accompany this merger. The group’s San Francisco office also accommodates a photo and music studio in which renowned skate photographer Gabe Morford and skater/musician/artist, Tommy Guerrero both share.

THREAT has recently launched its new website exhibiting current and past projects including internet design and strategy for Ride Snowboards, Konami USA and DVD work for Rage Against the Machine. To view THREAT’s current portfolio, services, and daily news, log on to

THREAT, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a digital media and marketing agency that provides and creates diverse marketing strategies, collateral, interactive design and advertising specific to today’s active youth lifestyle and culture.

Bryce Kanights
Director of Marketing
Phone: (415) 975-5800
Fax: (415) 975-9995

A note about our name and logo: During this extremely emotional and tough time, we have become increasingly aware of the negative connotations our name and logo might carry. Our identity was developed long before the recent tragedies, and their meaning relates directly to our goals with respect to challenging conformities of design and business. We have received much positive feedback from clients and the community at large in the past, and at this juncture, we have decided to retain our name. We do this because we can’t allow the perpetrators of these horrible deeds to increase their power by altering so many facets of our daily lives. We are six very positive people who have been deeply affected by the terrible acts last week; some of us have lost loved ones. We join the world in mourning these tragic events and ask for your understanding with respect to our decision to remain THREAT. Thank you. —