2032 World Premiere : ThirtyTwo Presents Their First-Ever Team Movie in Lake Forest, CA

Words: Cafiero
Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Premiere season is something that is incredibly difficult to explain to a non-snowboarder. It’s this combination of the temperatures dropping (in most places, at least), along with this feeling of excitement to ride that just fills the air, offices, and conversations of riders from all walks of life. That excitement is exactly what was on the mind of every person who made the journey to Lake Forest, CA to watch the very highly anticipated release of 2032, ThirtyTwo’s first-ever team movie. Sole Technologies very graciously opened the doors to their immaculate HQ to us and the public, so of course we accepted the invitation.

The first thing you notice is the giant two-story screen set up to showcase the movie. It was huge, but even then, we were left wondering if it would be enough to hold the enormous talent that was about to be unleashed. Just take a minute to comprehend ThirtyTwo’s team roster. Actually, take a couple of minutes, you’ll need longer to fully let it all sink in. You’ve got the likes of JP Walker, who has just completed his 20th full video part, something that is relatively unheard of nowadays. Big mountain Jeremy Jones who brings a quick respite to the all-out urban assault with his huge lines and powerful riding. Then of course there’s Scott Stevens and his incredible ability to manipulate a snowboard in ways that shouldn’t be humanly possible. The list just goes on and on and we don’t want to give anything away, because you can expect stand out parts from absolutely everyone involved.

Steve Caballero’s band, The Faction, began to play during the movie, providing a live soundtrack to Scott Steven’s part, which was an awesome addition. Maybe a special feature on the DVD, guys? You can have that one for free. It’s things like that which make premieres more memorable, and this one is certainly a stand out. From the introduction to the final trick of the movie, the flurry of technical tricks along with massive gaps and innovative maneuvers just didn’t stop. After the last of the tacos were demolished and the free PBR was seemingly drank dry, The Faction kept the crowd going until the lights came on and it we reluctantly decided to hit the road. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night, not by a long shot.

Stay tuned for a video recap of the event, coming soon with more behind the scenes photos. Until then, watch the teaser again and keep an eye out for 2032 premiere tour dates in a city near you. The movie will be sold at finer snowboard shops, iTunes and ThirtyTwo.com as well.