Therry Brunner joins 55DSL Team

The twice world champion halfpipe will be now a 55DSL Team Rider

Balerna, November 2001: Therry Brunner, the Swiss snowboard pro-rider, has signed a contract with 55DSL in order to be part of the International Team.

Born in Zürich in 1975, Therry has achieved many important results in snowboard halfpipe discipline, and he is now number two in the World Ranking. Vice world champion halfpipe in 2000 and 2001, Therry also won North American halfpipe championship in 2001 and European Open in 1999.

In Switzerland, where Therry was born and lives, he is very popular and after being Swiss halfpipe champion in 1998 and 1999, he is now participating at the qualification contest in order to be part of the Swiss Olympic Team for the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Pro-rider since 1997, Therry spent his youth in Engadin where he studied and become a snowboard teacher at the age of 19. Doing sports is a must in Therry’s life, but what he loves most is snowboarding, as for him this is “the best thing to do on planet Earth”. He loves to carve, to ride power, to jib around, to jump and, of course, to ride pipe. Therry says that “It’s such an unbelievable feeling to ride and fly through the air with a snowboard; there are no limits, there is so much room to improve and to have fun!”.

Therry is a very positive and open-minded boy. He knows exactly what he wants and which goals he wants to achieve. This interior strength helps him be the champion he is, focused on the final results that are always positive. He loves and respect nature and enjoys meeting people, sharing friendship and positive feelings with them.

55DSL is proud to have Therry Brunner in its International Team!

Therry Brunner Palmares:
2nd in the halfpipe World Ranking
Twice Vice World Champion Halfpipe: 2000 and 2001
North American Halfpipe Champion in 2001
European Open Champion in 1999
Yoz-games Champion in 1999
Swiss Halfpipe Champion in 1998 and 1999

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In 1995 Diesel owner Renzo Rosso, discovering youth’s increasing needs for adrenaline activitie, action sports and music, felt the urge to create a brand which could catch the spirit and be part of this world, offering an “alternative” energy. This was 55DSL.

After four years under Diesel International’s wing, 55DSL made a spin-off and since 1999 started its own independent business in Switzerland with headquarter in Balerna.The first 55DSL flagship “Being At Home” store has been opened in July 2001 in New York City, Union Square. In spring 2002 the second flagship store will be opened in London, near Carnaby Street.