The Vans Cup At Tahoe

Vans rolls the Triple Crown series into one big league event at Northstar-at-Tahoe.

For five years, the Vans Triple Crown series were highly successful events. Over time, however, snowboard comps have swollen in size to a staggering number. The backlash, of course, has been a loss of identity for each individual event. Which one can’t be missed? From pro riders’ and fans’ perspectives alike, the situation had muddied. In a moment of clarity, Vans made a judgment call, rolling the prize money and hype of its entire Triple Crown series into one highly anticipated single event. The goal, of course, is a lofty one: becoming the preeminent event of the entire West Coast. Going head to head with the X Games and The Gravity Games is an ambitious long-term plan, and with two-hundred-thousand dollars in prize money and TV coverage on Fox Sports, the Vans Cup at Tahoe claimed some real estate with the inaugural event.-Dresser

2006 Vans Cup at Tahoe takes place March 3-5

Airing on Fox Sports Net:

Episode 1-April 7, 2006 and April 21, 2006

Episode 2-April 14, 2006 and April 28, 2006

Three p.m. local time during the Vans’ “Off the Wall” hour.

Subsequent airings on FUEL action-sports network.

2005 Results

Night Rail Jam

1. Wyatt Caldwell/Leanne Pelosi

2. Jimi Tomer/Anne Flore Marxer

3. Chris Rotax/Erin Comstock


1. Danny Kass/Hannah Teter

2. Andy Finch/Elena Hight

3. Keir Dillon/Kjersti Buaas


1. Wyatt Caldwell/Natasza Zurek

2. Nate Sheehan/Anne Flore Marxer

3. Andreas Wiig/Mary Sallah


While many pros had their sights on Torino, Italy, they surely had plenty of incentive at The Vans Cup. The Men’s Halfpipe first-prize purse held twenty-thousand dollars and boasted a perfectly constructed halfpipe thanks to Frank Wells and Northstar-at-Tahoe’s Chris Gunnarson. Keir Dillon, givin’ ‘er.