Molly Aguirre styled out smooth 50-50s on the flat into Smith-to-fakies on the down. She stuck that trick all night and the crowd really liked it.

Laura Hadar hauled ass in, ollied the gap next to the kinked rail on the way up, stalled on the quarterpipe, then backside 50-50ed down the kink. She also Cabbed onto the flat down into a sick sick frontside boardslide at the very end of the night. Chick has really good style, by the way.

Chanelle Sladics did styley tailslides on the flat down and even boardslid the C-rail to 270 out!

Rachel Nelson stuck a front-board or two on the flat down and conquered the kink, too.

Leanne Pelosi got into switch 50-50 on the flat down and took a different line into the feature nearly every damn time.

At the end of the jam, Alexis Waite finally got the smmmooootthhh tailslide on the flat down she’d been looking for all evening.


1. Molly Aguirre $4,200

2. Laura Hadar $3,700

3. Leanne Pelosi $3,200

4. Rachel Nelson $2,000