stefi luxton
Sarka Pancochova
Christy Prior
Christy Prior
Gabi Viteri
Sarka Pancochova
Sarka Pancochova
stefi luxton
Christy Prior
Ryan Mcdermott tuning Kjersti Buass' board
stefi luxton
Sarka Pancochova
Event organizer, Chanelle Sladics and Sarka Pancochova
Sarka Pancochova
Sarka Pancochova, Kjersti Buass, and Chanelle Sladics

The Supergirl Snow Pro at Breckenridge

PHOTOS: Dave Lehl

Words: Hondo

On Saturday, April 6th, some of the world's best female pro snowboarders gathered at Breckenridge, Colorado for the Supergirl Snow Pro slopestyle event. It was a sunny day and the course was in tiptop for thanks to Breckenridge's amazing park crew. The course was sick! It started off with three jumps, each getting progressively bigger in size,  followed by an awesome jib section featuring garbage cans, pole jams, and a cool missile type rail. The format of the contest was pretty standard. Riders got two runs in prelims, and the top six advanced to the finals to join Sarka Pancochova, Kjersti Buaas, Enni Rukajarvi, and Silje Norendal, who got a bye to the finals.

Serious action went down in round one. Some standouts were Kaitlyn Farrington and Maddy Schaffrick showing that they aren't just “pipe jocks”, Possom Torr's huge backside 540's over the last jump, Brooke Voigt's backflips, and Christy Prior's radical style over all of the jumps.

Possom Torr was going huge. PHOTO: Dave Lehl

When round one was over the riders who advanced were Phoebe Novello, Stefi Luxton, Possom Torr, Brooke Voigt, Serena Shaw, and Christy Prior. They joined Sarka Pancochova, Kjersti Buaas, Enni Rukajarvi, and Silje Norendal and things really started to get popping. Enni has some of the smoothest style out right now. I could watch her do switch backside 540's all day. They are sick. Other standouts were Silje's combo of cab 720 to switch backside 540, Sarka's frontside rodeo 720 off her toes, and Christy Prior's crazy looking underflips.

Christy Prior has rad style. PHOTO: Dave Lehl

Christy Prior in my eyes was the stand out of the event. I’d only heard of her just briefly as the girl who wanted to charge the US Open course during a blizzard, when no one was making the jumps, (not even the guys), so in my mind I figured she was loose as hell. But my mind has now been changed. She's sick. She has really good style and knows how to ride her snowboard. I have a feeling we will be seeing, and hearing, a lot from her next season.

When the event was all said and done, the results were as follows: Enni Rukajarvi won best trick, Silje Norendal got third place, Christy Prior ended up in second, and Sarka Pancochova was the winner, walking away with two trophies, a cape, and $8000 dollars. Not a bad come up.

The Supergirl Snow Pro is a really cool event. It’s really low pressure, and felt more like a session in the park rather than a televised contest. And that’s a good thing…