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Pat picked me up at o’dark 30 and we headed up to Brighton. Seth and Brock got up to the parking lot before us and noticed someone was already heading up to “Milk It”, so they huffed it up to the jump only find out it was coulter going for a mellow day on the split board. We did a little runway work, packed out the lip and seth sent a frontside 5 first try, no big deal. We hit the jump for a couple hours, some moves went down, packed our bags and had a sweet pow run down. We got some hot chocolate at the cafe and headed over to The Spot. Jordan, Jeremy, JP, and Kooley were already there putting shit down. The level of riding up there is no joke. After a couple hours of riding rails, the middle name game went into affect. It’s where you can only refer to your friends by their middle name, no first or last names ever. Every time you say someone’s first or last name it’s 10 pushups. Sounds easy, but it’s pure hell. Try it with your friends sometime. We ended the day like everyday should be ended, Molca Salsa.