The Second Annual P!Jamma Party

Once again, the P!Jamma Party hosted by Shannon Dunn was a complete success! “I wanted to create an event for the top girls in snowboarding to come together and get media coverage in a low key and non-competitive atmosphere. It’s a great chance to get to know each other better, push our riding, and laugh lots–I think we accomplished the goal!” says Dunn about this year’s event.

The jam took place April 4 – 8 at Northstar at Tahoe. The roster of invited riders included Shannon Dunn, Roberta Rodger, Mercedes Nicoll, Susi Davis, Elena Hight, Donna Vano, Chanelle Sladic, Erin Comstock, Laura Hadar, Alexis Waite, Kimmy Fasani, Amber Stackhouse, and Isabelle Lalive. Northstar built us our own personal park and provided a crew of park staff to maintain it. Pretty sweet! We decided to start off on the hip since it was already getting warm and slushy. It was pretty sweet to see the range of ages in attendance, starting with fourteen-year-old Elena Hight on up to Donna Vano who’s over 50. Everyone was givin’ ‘er! “I had so much fun the first day,” said Mercedes. “Shannon and I were hitting the hip for a bit while we waited for everyone. I think we tried every grab possible?calling out what we were gonna do next.” That’s what’s cool about the P!Jamma Party; it’s an awesome atmosphere to push yourself, as well as get help from other girls.

That night Shannon hosted a pizza-eating/breast-molding party. I know what you?re thinking?every guy?s fantasy: naked girls having a slumber party. Not quite. We ate pizza and took turns getting our boobs molded to benefit Boarding For Breast Cancer. Each breast mold is sent to an artist to be painted, then the artwork is auctioned off to benefit breast cancer research. For more information about the foundation, check out

The next day we started up a the halfpipe. It was awesome to see the pipe shreds go off?Mercedes busting out stylish backside 540 Indys and then little Elena throwing down frontside 900 liens. I was so impressed! She makes them look so easy, like they’re only 540s! Later that day an impromptu game of PIG went down. “We just were messing around on the boxes and decided to play,” said Laura Hadar. “Erin was the winner, but had I been able to jump ahead of her and call the trick?that sucker would’ve gone down. We all tried some new tricks, which was good. I did my first switch f/s and it was super fun.”

That evening was the night shoot and we were all excited for it, especially the girls that had been at the event last year when it was all soft and slushy and no one was afraid to try anything. Yeah, well this year it was a little different–it was so icy! But once people got over the iciness factor, the girls started throwing down. Laura Hadar’s 270s onto the box were super sick and styley, as were Susi Davis’ backside lips on the down rail. Sick! Some of the girls even learned stuff: “The best part for me was learning how to frontside an up-flat-down box,” said Kimmy Fasani.

The environment of the P!jamma Party is non-intimidating, and you can feel comfortable learning something new or getting better at something old. For example, Erin and Alexis, who are sick on rails, were humble and excited to learn Method-technique from Shannon. Susi Davis was once again untouchable with her switch backside 180 Indys.

The final night of the P!Jamma Party Shannon threw a dance party. She’d brought Darren?s Dance Grooves DVD, and each condo had a chance to learn some moves, make up a routine, make up a name, throw together an outfit, then show their stuff. I?ve never laughed so hard. All the crews came up with the sweetest outfits and moves. The night was filled with clothes coming off, flipflops flying through the air, and people falling on the ground laughing! I can’t wait to see the footage, or actually I think I can ’cause we probably looked like freaks!