The Return Of Mt. Hood

When I was about sixteen, Mt. Hood was one of the hottest spots to be, in both the winter and the summer. It was a regular occurrence to see Mack Dawg productions, Ross Steffey, and Kurt Heine filming with J.P. Walker, Jeremy Jones, and Bjorn Leines. Kingpin productions was also around with Mikey Leblanc, Scotty Wittlake, and the rest of the line up building jumps all over the backcountry.

Then there were locals Matt Donahue, Mike Estes, Ahmon Stamps, Lael Gregory, and Tyler Dewilde snowboarding all the resorts Mt. Hood has to offer on an everyday basis. And then something happened, Mack Dawg and Kingpin found other places to film, and riders stopped showing up. Mt. Hood faded away into merely a summer time hot spot.

Last year was rock bottom. After the lack of precipitation all over the northwest--especially in Oregon--the 2004/2005 season was shitty. Mt. Hood had a stifling 85-inch total for the entire year. There were no snow banks on the side of the road, no buried cars, and no pro snowboarders lurking for the goods. And of course the snowboard camps were scrambling to make ends meat.

Mother nature decided to play a different tune this winter, and show Oregon some love by hitting us with storm after storm. With new snow every day and a base total in the 200 plus region, things have been solid.

When it rains it pours, and Mt. Hood resorts have been attracting some pretty big name riders along with new transplants such as Jesse House, Shane Flood, Lukas Huffman, Bryan Fox and many others--the shralp has been going down.

Mt. Hood Meadows followed suit at the perfect time and created a superstar snowboard team that includes Bryan Fox, Dean Barbier, Corey Smith, Sara Phillips, Shane Flood, Erin Valverde, Jesse House, Darrel Mathis, and Brett Butcher. With the input of this new team, the mountain has been creating many different features.

Along those lines, nearby Ski Bowl has enlisted the help of Airblasters Jesse Grandkoski and karaoke star Travis Parker to design their park and make things interesting. With these two crazy minds, the sky is the limit.

Of Course, Timberline Resort is sitting and laughing, watching all the flakes accumulate in preparation for a great summer. With both Windells, and High Cascade Snowboard Camps on the slopes all summer long and Burtons Abominable Snow Jam, Timberline will be the place to be.

Both Windells and High Cascade will be having signature sessions this summer so things are looking like the old days. So come check it out. Everything goes in cycles and it looks like Hood headed back outta’ the dark.