The North Face Masters wrapped up this past weekend at Snowbird Utah. 27 guys and eight girls made the cut from day 1 to ride the infamous "baldy" run.

In a wild turn of events, there was actually fresh snow for the riders to ride. In a season where there's been no snow, it was a shock to everyone when it dumped 30 inches in three days. All of the lines that people were able to practice on were completely filled in, and it was a fresh start for everyone.

The women were the first to drop, and yet again it was Shannon Yeats with the win. Her line was sick, and she took some pretty gnarly drops.  Coming in 2nd and 3rd were Beth Weissman, and Cindi Lou Grant respectively.

For the dudes it was a whole different story. Weather rolled in and there was a crazy long delay. Riders were sitting at the top of the course, just waiting with anticipation all day. Some of the standouts were local Jake Levine sending it with rad style down the whole course, Blake Paul just boosting, and really just seeing Kyle Clancy ride in real life. At the end of the day it was Sammy Leubke with the win, Jamie Rizzuto in 2nd, and Brian Bozack in 3rd.

The North Face Masters is a really cool event, and one that I think is really good for snowboarding as a whole. It's nice to see big mountain freeride snowboarding still being recognized.