Video by Justin Gunson.


The sun was beating down on the slopestyle course as the final day of the Nike Open Dew Tour at Breckenridge Colorado wrapped up. Today was the men's and women's slopestyle finals, and boy was the competition fierce. The level of progression that slopestyle contests have taken is unbelievable. If you were to look at a men's or women's final run from three years ago, and put it next to a run from today that run from three years ago wouldn’t even make it past qualifiers. That’s how fast things have progressed.


The woman started things off nice and early today. The contest began at 9:30 sharp and the women got first dibs on the amazing course that Breckenridge put together. Some standouts from the contest were, Sarka Pancochova's frontside rodeo 5, Jamie Anderson's rail tricks, but in the end it was Spencer O’Brien who came out with the win. She rode hard and strong all day doing huge switch backside 5's and a massive frontside rodeo 7. She also held her grabs the whole time. She rode super solid. The final results looked like this:

1.Spencer O'brein

2. Enni Rukajärvi

3. Sarka Pancochova


When the men took the course, the sun was beating directly overhead and made the jumps somewhat softer. The riding level for men right now is so crazy. If you can't do double corks, and spinning at least 1080's on every hit, then you really have no business being in a professional slopestyle contest these days. Highlights from the men include: Chas Guldemond's massive double rodeo-flips, Sage Kotsenburg's massive sw backside 1260's and Gjermund Braaten's super cool 360 wallride. When the run's were finished, and all was said and done, the results looked like this:


1.Gjermund Braaten

2. Seb Toots

3. Charles Reid


The Nike Open Dew Tour at Breckenridge was a super awesome time. We'll see everyone next month from the 19-22 in Killington Vermont at the next Dew Tour!