The Superpipe event at The Nike Open Dew Tour in Breckenridge Colorado is now a wrap. This year we had perfect sunny skies, which was really nice. If you remember last years contest it was a crazy blizzard, so this sun was really refreshing.

The day kicked off with the Woman's finals. Some of the standout moves were Kaitlyn Farrington's backside 900’s on her first hit, Maddy Schaffrick's text book perfect method, and Gretchen Bleiler's just flawless run. But in the end, it was Kelly Clark who came out on top by going way higher than everyone else.

After the ladies were done, it was time for the guys. One thing that's pretty noticeable is how the light shifts when it's time for the men. The girls were able to ride the pipe during the early afternoon, when the sun was at its peak, but the guys didn't get to ride until 2:30. 2:30 doesn't sound too late, but in Colorado in the middle of December, that's pretty much sundown. A lot of guys who normally crush it were having trouble putting down full runs.

For instance Kazu Kokubo, was one of the loosest riders that I've ever seen in my life. In his last run of the day he did a layback slash, right into a 1080. It was insane. Kazu rips so hard.

Other notables from they day include Ipod almost taking his head off on the lip, Louie Vito doing more double corks than anyone else, and Scotty Lago doing sick front 10 nosegrabs on his first hit. Scotty's style is so good. In the end though the results ended up being Iouri Podlachikov in 3ed place, Louie Vito in 2nd place, and coming in with the win was Shaun White.

In all honesty, Shaun was going so high out of the pipe. People can say what they want, but when you can do 27 foot backside airs out of the halfpipe, then it doesn't even matter.

Tomorrow is the closing day of the Nike Open in Breck, and it's closing with the slopestyle finals. Check back here tomorrow for all the coverage!