The Love Games Returns to Loveland Pass

Pat Abramson
Erich Dummer
James Mammele
Ethan Anderson
Ian Boll
JG Mazzotta
Casey Hinderman
Erich Dummer
James Frederick
The Russian
Ethan Anderson
Casey Hinderman
Richy Colasanti
Steve Lauder
James Mammele
James Mammele
Erich Dummer
Casey Hinderman
Sandra Hillen
Erich Dummer
Jackson Fowler
James Frederick
Casey Hinderman

Words: Raul Pinto

Photos: Matt Alberts

With the second annual Satellite Love Games in the books; I had the chance to review and reflect on an event that really made me stoked on colorado snowboarding. The event technically started the day before the crew met on the pass to build some of Colorado's legendary spots from infulential videos such as Neato, Pochahontis, and Anthem.

For many, it becomes a history lesson, before snowboarders were allowed on many resorts, and before there were parks, this was the spot to build jumps and straight huck you’re meat. Satellite’s crew, along with help from Lib-Tech’s regional rep force and the C-3 crew rebuilt the original “quarter pipe spot”, the “ironing board”, a series of log jibs, and “the bush gap.”

The Gathering Crowd

A pre party held at Cecilia’s in Breck hosted by Burton and Skullcandy really helped make sure the contest went down in 90’s style… hung over riders trickled in all morning the next day, ready to see what had been built the day before.

Riders met at the top of the pass and walked just over the crest of the continental divide. At 11,990 ft  I’m pretty sure it makes Love Games one of the highest contests. In elevation.


Erich Dummer was hyped to take it back.

The 1/4 pipe was first on the agenda, but before it could all go down Pat Abramson, an ex-ride team pro, filled all the young bucks in about all the pros and tricks that had gone down at this very spot almost 25 years prior.

Pat proceeded to show the kiddies “how its done” by blasting some mctwists six feet above the deck. After an hour or so the roving contest moved onto the ironing board. It was like the gold rush as 100 plus boarders, dogs, kids, even babies moved to see what was next.

The ironing board is a hip like re-entry where contestants blasted methods, michaelchucks, and all kinds of crazy grabs and tweaks. It was here where the battle for best method and a prize of some custom Jamie Lynn art work would go to the winner.

Casey Hinderman sending the Ironing board

It was cool to see kids get out of the park and be really into trying to hit sketchy run-ins and jumps that are not you’re perfectly manicured park jumps.

However, to add a bit of new school into the mix the C3 crew fashioned some logs and made a good old fashioned jib jam where Redbull, snacks from Vans, and even some road sodas of the PBR brand made an appearance.

Casey Hindermand isn't afraid of wood

After the little snack break, it was onto the bush gap and with the lack of snow on the pass this particular season, this would separate the men from the boys.

Hard packed punchy snow in the landing with a branch filled run-in was a questionable way to end the event but Richie C. who had helped build the day before looked at me and said “I’m hitting it” with a glint of crazy in his eye. He took one speed check per my request and sent it! Backside three… no five … no possible double cork… And with the applause of the crowd of spectators below, he received the Protec Golden Helmet award with a bail that should have sent him to the hospital. Somehow rather than discouraging the other contestants, the remaining riders were down to hit it as well and a session of 25 plus riders went into the diminishing sun.

Ethan Anderson up and over the bush gap.

But it would be the judges deciding factor in who would take home the top prize, an all inclusive trip to lake Tahoe to ride some of the northern California’s legendary spots with a true snowboard legend, Dave Downing and the rest of the Satellite Crew. All courtesy of Analog snowboarding.

Its safe to say that in only its second year, Colorado finally has an event to hang its hat on that isn’t the X Games or the Dew Tour… many people were saying “the Northwest has The Baker Banked, and now we have The Love Games” so I cant wait to see what goes down next year…

The Results:

Jamie Lynn award: Erich Dummer (ironing board)

Protec Golden Helmet (best bail): Richie Colasanti

Capita’s best rider on pole jam: James Mammele

Capita’s best rider over the fallen tree: Richie Colasanti

Satellite Steeze award: Steve Lauder

Legend award: Pat Abramson

1/4 pipe Handplant award: Ethan Anderson

Grom stand out: Red Gerard


1. Courtney Cox

2. Sandra Hillen

3. Ariel Friedman

ANALOG REDBULL SATELLITE MEN (and a trip w satellite and Dave Downing from analog to Tahoe’s legendary spots ):

1. Casey Hinderman (trip to Tahoe)

2. Eric Dummer  (Volcom Limited board)

3. Jake Larue  (NS Longboard)

Special thanks to:

Vans, Protec, Capita, Union, Burton, Volcom, Von Zipper, Ashbury, Libtech, Gnu, The North Face, Never Summer, Skullcandy, PBR,