The Last Trick

Every new trick in snowboarding has spawned from something that’s already been done-a natural progression made by people constantly pushing the limits of the sport. Some tricks are invented strictly through imagination, and some by accident-like when you carry too much speed trying a 540 in the pipe and happen to go upside down, landing backward on your ass. You might get up thinking, “What if I tried to do that? What if I leaned back more and spun harder?” These are the questions that keep taking our sport to the next level. This month we’ve decided to take a peek into the future and give you a glimpse of some of the most twisted, unthinkable tricks being done by anyone, anywhere. Some are titled and defined by their originators, and others are merely perfected by those giving the explanation. Either way, you can only hope to be able to do them some day.Keep your beamers peeled in the upcoming months for sequences on these and other fresh moves that will keep you busy all winter long. -E Wright

Mike Michaelchuk

This trick was developed by accident one day when Michael Michalchuk was riding the Whistler pipe. You go up your backside wall and lift from your heels to do a gainer backflip, with a late backside 180, landing regular (kind of like a backside rodeo in the pipe). Mike says he’s spinning them more flat now that he has them wired, and grabs method, Indy, or even tailgrabs. He blew minds when he busted it out in the Olympics.


Jason Brown

This trick is done off straight jumps and is a half Cab to late McTwist-invented by Utah ruler Jason Brown. The hard part about doing the SuperCab is that in the middle of the trick, you have to stop all rotation and stretch out in the air like Superman. “Basically, I wanted to get in the Superman position without having to do a backflip, because backflips suck,” Jason says, adding, “It can’t hurt to wear a cape, either, because chicks love it when you wear a cape.”


Todd Richards

This trick comes from the bent mind of its inventor, Todd Richards, and will certainly leave a mark on the sport in the years to come. This trick is a 900 McTwist! You go up your backside wall in the pipe, do a McTwist super high, spinning the first rotation super fast-open up and spin the second half of the trick parallel with the deck. Todd warns,

“If you start this trick and decide to chicken out, forget it because you’re already dead.”


Jim Rippey

The Rippey flip is dubbed so by inventor Jim Rippey, who says he was actually trying this trick about three years ago and gave up, only to refine it about a year and a half ago. The trick is a combination of a backflip 360, leaving from your heels and grabbing lien. (Jim also notes that for extra difficulty, he throws in a corkscrew, getting sideways in the air.) “The landing is blind and hard to stomp, but it’s the perfect trick for a contest if you can do it consistently,” says Jim.