The James Edmund Bruce III Interview

DOB: Oct. 30, 1978

From: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Lives: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Sponsor: Sony PlayStation (Coolboarders)

Sony sponsors you for playing Coolboarders?

Yeah dude, I can really rip it up. Try me, any mode, any rider, any day. I’ll tan your hide.

How long have you been uh … playing?

Well, I have been playing anywhere from four to six hours a day since Coolboarders 2 hit the stores. So, that’s like … a long time, in video-game terms, of course.

Have you ever really been snowboarding?

Besides on Coolboarders? … no, but I did meet a real snowboarder once.

Oh really!

Yeah, his name was Kevin Jones or Smith or something like that. He claimed he was pro, except I highly doubt it. When I asked him what the hardest trick he could pull was, he replied, “A frontside 1080.” A frontside 1080, can you believe that! A pro snowboarder, and all he can do is a 1080-sure, pal. On Coolboarders I warm up with stuff like a fakie-to-double backside rodeo 2160 to shuffle-to-tweak grab. A pro snowboarder, my ass!

Describe an average day in the life of Jimmy.

Well, I wake up and do a couple of finger stretches and exercises. And of course I drink my daily glass of carrot juice-you know, I have horrible vision. Then after turning on the system and choosing my character, I take a few runs down “Pipeline Canyon” on freestyle mode. After that, maybe I do the halfpipe for an hour or so. And yes, I have to do at least two hours of competition mode to keep Sony happy-it’s in my contract, you know.

The way you say that sounds as if you don’t enjoy competing.

Yeah, well, I do and I don’t. It’s a way to push yourself and progress under pressure-when it really counts. However, I’d really rather just freeride with my friends on two-player mode. You know what they say, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”.

Tell us of your worst competition experience.

Ohhh well, this one time I was doing competition on the Hard-mirror mode, and I was killin’ it. I had straight nines on all the courses, except Boss was on my tail the whole way. Anyway, I’m finally up to “Snow Ruins,” and things are getting a little catty whompus. Boss and I are neck to neck, and the finish line is coming up around the next corner or so. Then my mom starts yelling at me, telling me to take out the trash or something. To make a long story short, she pulled the plug and grounded me from my Sony for two weeks.


Totally, I hadn’t even had a chance to save or anything.

Do you have any thanks or last words?

Yeah, I’d like to thank my little brother Daniel, who originally got the PlayStation¿ for Christmas and lets me use it. And of course my parents, who bought it for him.

I’d just like to say that too many kids these days are playing for all the wrong reasons. All they can think about is getting sponsored. We cannot forget why we began playing-for fun. So just go out and play. Play for fun.