A big air contest, Porno for Pyros, a few celebrities, and a lot of pro riders helped draw in a little over 6,000 people to the second annual Board AID.

“For that many people and the types of bands that were there, it went well,” says Mark Sperling, the event’s coordinator. “It could’ve been a potential riot.”

Although the Board AID staff is still playing with numbers, the gross total the event pulled in was around 150,000 dollars. Sperling estimates that around half of that will be donated to AIDS research.

Board AID, unlike Woodstock or Lollapalooza, was not only a day of fun but also a business day for the 30 or so companies that set up booths at the back of the festival area.

“I wrote ten new orders just from people walking by, seeing me wearing my product,” says James Peterson, a rep from Wave Rave.

“I would like to see more booths next year, and tents instead of tables, so people can really do some business,” he says.

“We mixed the industry and the fun in this event because the industry is the voice of the kids,” says Sperling. “Besides, 75 percent of the money for this event came from the industry. Ticket sales made up only a small percentage of the gross.” Companies like Airwalk, Burton, Columbia, 5150, Haz-Mat, Jaro, and Jib donated a bulk of the money and prizes. But there were many others who also contributed.

“Everybody from the big-name companies to the small donated something,” says Sperling. “Next year we’d like to take it on the road. Make it like the winter Lollapalooza or Woodstock.”