The First Annual Wildcat Challenge

“Contests aren’t the funnest things sometimes. I don’t usually have the best time riding icy crap jumps at 8:00 in the morning trying to fit in that extra practice. That is why we got together and decided to make a contest that was about all of our friends gathering to have a good time. A loose format of rider picked teams that is decided on or before the day of the contest, in a fun snowboard park in the Vancouver area.”-Devun Walsh, Wildcats spokesperson.

Vancouver, BC-The first annual Wildcat Challenge will take place on Saturday April 14th at Mount Seymour, BC Canada. The Wildcat Challenge is an invitational non-traditional contest in which the main objective is to have fun. This contest is for riders by the riders. Invited are the wildcats and their friends-over fifty pro snowboarders, not your typical contest dogs-industry and media.

All participants will be split up into two teams and will be judged on four separate events on a slopestyle like park, built by the park and pipe crew with design consulting from Devun Walsh, with equal distribution of frontside and backside hits. Each individual will be given points for each event, and the winning team will be the team with the most overall points accumulated at the end of all four events. Judge duty selection is still in process, however the judges will be those old school industry guys that are the biggest critics of the judging and the whole traditional contest format.

These judges, who include Keith Wilson and George Kleckner of TM5, Jeff Jewitt from the Ju-Tang chambers, Karl Fuhre and Travis Wood, will also act on the advisory board to ensure the non-traditional format. Following will be a best trick contest where each rider will vote for a winner without voting for themselves. The Wildcat Challenge will be the first of its kind. Each part of the contest will be different and fun-everything from the contest fee/registration process being a dice game to the prize being that everyone wins and is awarded with a party and a place to chill with a great view of the big air during the Sims Contest the following weekend in Whistler. Although this is not a sponsored event there is an advisory board, other advisory board members include, clairedotcom, Brad Drew from Bluetorch TV and Cody Dresser and Charlie Anderson from TransWorld Snowboarding. Stay tuned for the next release for further details and confirmed rider list.

For more information or media registration requests contact:Claire Desgouttes clairedotcom Industry Solutions 307.732.2210 or