The Fathers of Snowboarding

Since Fathers Day is this Sunday, we figured that we would honor the ‘Rad Dads’ of snowboarding. We’re not talking about pros who have kids, they’re cool too, but the people we’re talking about are the fathers of the sport we all love so much. We’re talking about the Burton’s, Barfoots, and Poppins. Stay tuned all week because everyday we’re going to be featuring a new “Rad Dad.” Today we feature…

Jake Burton


Jake Burton and Kevin Pearce. PHOTO: Adam Moran

Jake Burton is the founder of Burton Snowboards. He founded it in 1977, and since then, snowboarding has never been the same. Burton is the biggest, and most influential brand in snowboarding. Check out the video below to find out more about how Jake started Burton, and how it rose to the top.

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