THE BIG HYPE UP: The Real Jason Brown

For years people in the world of professional snowboarding have been getting the two Jason Browns confused. It’s an understandable mistake considering all their similarities: they both are extremely friendly, live in Salt Lake City, rip the pipe, skate, buy too many toys, and love powder. I’m sure the list could go on and on, but who cares, that isn’t the point.

The point is that they’re two different people and this is the real Jason Brown, the one who was shredding the rad white winter wave way back before that other guy could even dye his hair. Just because the real Jason Brown hasn’t been in the media “spotlight” in the last few years (unless you count the X-Games), it doesn’t mean he lost it. You may or may not realize that last year the real Jason Brown was ranked second in the world in boardercross.

Fishpaw, One Ball Jay, and Dakine have been stoking out the real Jason Brown with gear for days. They’ll keep making him look good, and Rift will provide the boards this year as the real Jason Brown continues to kick ass, racing boardercross and ripping the cherry-cherry pow-pow up.

So get it straight, ’cause they’re not going to get numbered like those Colorado Js. Jason Scott Brown is the real Jason Brown; the one who paints his nails and rides for Burton is the other one.