The Basich Duo

“Out of the ordinary is normal around our house.”-Donna Basich

“I used to be known at the bank as Mr. Basich, and now it’s Tina and Michael’s Dad.”-Mike Basich, Sr.


I wonder how I would have turned out if I had grown up as a Basich. Maybe I would have lived in a teepee with my family and made socks from the Angora rabbits that lived in our yard. Would I have red hair with freckles and drive all the boys crazy, or would I be crazy enough to hang from a helicopter in a Third World country by a rope-just to see how fun it’d be? Either way, I’m sure I’d have been a better snowboarder.

I’ve known Tina and Mikey for a couple of years now and noticed they share a bond that can only a brother and sister share. As an older brother myself, I recognize this. Words do not even have to be exchanged, yet each knows exactly what the other is thinking. You can sense this bond whenever Mikey and Tina are around each other.

Like all of their family, they would do anything for each other. It’s amazing-of all the things they could have been doing in the world, they both managed to become professional snowboarders.

Tina was one of the first recognizable girl snowboarders, and to this day she continues to push the sport. She has gained the respect of both genders through her level of riding and her kindness to those

who meet her. Mikey has been snowboarding for just as long and has earned respect as a top professional as well. He is very soft-spoken, but don’t let that fool you-he’s one of the craziest guys you’ll ever meet. The combination of these two is very rare. I’m glad to say that I’m friends with both of them.

I took my brother snowboarding for his first time this year, and he picked it up in no time at all. There’s something about sharing a snowboarding experience with a family member that makes it even more special-something Tina and Mikey have known since the beginning.

So without sounding like a sap, I invite you all to take a sibling

snowboarding. Who knows-maybe you could be the next Basich duo.