The Arctic Challenge Wrap-Up

After fighting a few days of bad weather the contest inNorway kicked back into gear with mixed results. Withsnow and winds being a big factor getting above the lip of the pipe became a challenge in its own. Not wanting todisappoint the crowd, the riders had a quick meetingand decided to have a fun jam type contest, with a fewcategories such as best hip entry, trick, or line.Making it so no one had to worry about having someamazing single run, just fun.

Shaun White looked like he was having a blast as hecab-fived into the pipe, he would then proceed to grinhis way into frontside nines or McTwists. While moststruggled to get five feet out–Halvor Lunn and GianSimmen jacked up huge frontside airs making thephotographers in the crowd let out a collective “thankyou.” Not caring about the fact that skiers left wall of the pipewas pretty much made out of rock Marius Otterstad gavethe crowd what they wanted with perfect backsiderodeos. Meanwhile, Terje made me happy with hishandplants. Man, I love me an invert.

Next day was the infamous quarter pipe event. If youremember at the last Arctic Challenge Heikki Sorsadamn near hit the ten meter mark ( for all youAmericans out there, that’s about thirty feet) so thisyear once again Oakley put up a 20,000 dollar goldwatch for anyone who hit it. After qualifiers therewas a pretty hungry looking crew including Terje,Travis Rice, Ingemar Backman, Gian Simmen, and Japan’sown Rio Tahara. But I would have to say the sickestthing I saw all day was twelve year old Luke Mitrani.Pointing it from higher than most of the big boys,Luke was not even thinking about speed checking launching straight into almost 6 meter high backside airs. So damn sick. Gian and Ingemar all broke the seven meter mark but in the end it was Terje with his gianormus8.5 meter air to almost death that won the highest ofthe day. I swear the only person in the world that canpull in something that big while almost drilling hisnose straight into the deck is Haakon. Can’t forget tomention Travis’s Sicko backside five and nolliefrontflip.

All in all the event turned out to be a good one.Riders had fun, crowd was stoked, no one got badlyinjured and there were hundreds of hot Scandanaviangirls everywhere. In fact, I got a date with one rightnow. I’m out.

Pipe Results
Highest air- Gian Simmen
Best line- Shaun White
Best trick-Marius Otterstad
Best entry (hip in to pipe)- Halvor Lunn

Quarterpipe Results
Best Trick- Terje Haakonsen- BS 9
Highest air- Terje Haakonsen- 8.5 meters
Highest Girl- Dorianne Vidal
Overall- Travis Rice