Here we are Oslo Norway for The Oakley Arctic Challenge. Today was Day 3 of rider practice on the monster Quarter Pipe with everything ready for the main event going down Friday and Saturday. All the riders are here now and have all qualified from various Ticket To Ride events with a couple wildcards thrown in. The organizers are hell bent on breaking the 10-meter mark this year since Heikki Sorsa’s closest effort was 6-meters years ago now; and a lot of effort has gone into the preparations on shaping of the run in and the enormous transition to make it potentially possible to top 10-meters. All eyes will be on the younger transition dawgs here; including Pat Moore, Danny Davis, Mason Auguire, and Kevin Pearce. However I’d say judging by Terje’s practice today if no one else is going to step to the 10-meter air he’s ready to go for it himself! That would be pretty sick, stay tuned for more galleries and the full scoop as it unfolds.