The Angry Interns Little Corner

What, are we supposed to be stoked that we were given another half of a page in the back of the magazine to vent? Hell no! It's just more filler from The Man so they can sell another ad. And although we're the ones who are constantly blamed for packing this mag with anti-big-business sentiments, we're not the only ones. Here are what some of the overworked-underpaid editors were overheard saying:

“I used to pass my time at work by playing Ping-Pong, of course that was before I discovered the joys of Napster.”–Nathan Yant

“I was going to give my two-week notice on Friday, but there was no one here to give it to.”–Dave Sypniewski

“I may go to Starbucks every morning before work, but at least I've never bought a CD there … oh, wait a minute, I did buy that Chet Baker CD for my girlfriend.”–Shem Roose