The Almost Famous Exposure-O-Meter¿

Who's really getting the shots?

Who are the most photographed snowboarders out there right now? Our resident 'zine fiend here at SNOWboarding Business analyzed the January issues of TransWorld SNOWboarding, Snowboarder, and Snowboard Life and assigned a point value to each and every snowboarder with a photo inside. We ruined our eyes so you don't have to! This time 59 riders fought tooth and nail for the 54,500 points available, and the top 15 made it into the Almost World Famous Exposure-O-Meter¿ listing.

Remember, not every shot is exactly half page or whatever, so we do make minor adjustments. (Can you say payola?) The following are the totals: cover = 2,000, pullout posters = 2,000, spread = 1,000, full-page = 500, half-page = 250, half-sequence = 200, quarter-page or less = 125, and mug shots = 100.

Overblown, obnoxious mug shots still receive only 100 points, but even that may be reduced based on the visible pimple, pore, and pustule ratio on the pro's face. Just kidding. But points are taken away for plain ugliness.

By the way, Travis Parker (11,625 points) and BJ Leines (10,100 points) are neck-and-neck on the year-to-date point total, followed by Mike Michalchuk (8,075 points), Josh Dirksen (7,450), Andrew Crawford (7,350), and Dave Downing (7,275).