The Alaskan Boarder’s New Arctic Man Events

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA- The Alaska Boarder is hosting boardercross and big air competition-style exhibitions at the 18th Annual Arctic Man in Summit Lake, AK. The Alaska Boarder X will take place on Friday, April 11 at 12 P.M. just before the Arctic Man race starts, and the Arctic Maniac Hitchhiker Big Air will follow on Saturday April 12 at 2 P.M. Eight riders from Alaska will compete for cash and product purses in each of the competitions. The two events are a designed to display other core snowboard events and could potentially become part of the Arctic Man tradition.

The Alaska Boarder X course will run on the finishing stretch of the Arctic Man race course, from “First Aid” to the finish line, a 1,200 foot drop. The eight racers will be split into two heats of four, with the top two racers from each heat continuing into the third and final heat.

The Arctic Maniac Hitchhiker Big Air will be staged in the center of a snowmobile snowcross arena and is scheduled during one of the Polaris Junction Snow X intermissions. Competitors will be towed into the 30-40 foot tabletop by a snowmobile driven by Arctic Man’s mascot the Arctic Maniac. Tricks will be judged by yell-vote from the spectators.

The Arctic Man is one of the World’s Toughest Downhill Ski/Snowboard races, and an exciting snowmobile race, all in one. The skier/boarder begins at a summit elevation of 5,800 feet and drops 1,700 feet in less than two miles to the bottom of a narrow canyon where he meets up with his snowmobiling partner. They meet on the go with a tow rope, and the snowmobile pulls the skier 2 1/4 miles uphill at top speeds of up to 86 mph. The skier and the snowmobile then separate and the skier goes over the side of the second mountain and drops another 1,200 feet to the finish line. At the Arctic Man you “GO FAST or GO HOME.” Last year almost 13,000 spectators from around the nation came to enjoy this spectacular Alaskan event. The race area features some of the best snowmobile riding country in the world. Truly the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush for spectators and competitors alike. For more information about Arctic Man visit .

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