The Adventuremobiles of the 2016 Legendary Banked Slalom

One of the most standout rigs of the lot is most definitely Mike Basich's 'tiny home' on wheels.
The thing is absolutely massive, and although the outside may look a little run down, looks can be deceiving.
Dream big, or little. The choice is yours alone to make.
The inside boasts a lofted area which looks super cozy for sleeping, plus a ton of storage space and a working kitchen area.
Scott E. Wittlake was posted up in the lot with his DIY rig. From the canvas on the pop-up section, to the exterior metal bars on the windows, a ton of work has gone into personalizing it, and he plans on clear coating the rust to preserve it.
Parking lot neighbor and AK enthusiast Cody Booth made the journey down to partake in the festivities here at the LBS.
No stranger to the van life, Cody was even once taken for a ride in his own car, as someone decided to steal his truck while Cody was sleeping in the back cabin during a trip to Portland. He chased the dude down the street with a machete. True story.
This blue camper from Idaho in the lineup caught our eye so we decided to see if anyone was home.
Inside we met Spencer, a super friendly dude who looks forward and drives down to the LBS each year.
One of the key features? These camo curtains, repurposed from some left behind belongings of one night's sleepover guest.
Cars, vans, and trucks of all shapes and sizes were lined up in the lot of Mt. Baker.
This setup looked pretty interesting and we figured there might be a story behind it.
Inside were Johnny and Trent, two guys from Hood and Bend. They had a pop-up tent, but it had been destroyed by the high winds of the day, so they made due with what they had.
Getting the boots off always feels good, especially in the comfort of your own personal sleeping zone.
The nice thing about having a van; home is where you park it.
The lot was full of license plates from all over, with a good few being from our neighbor to the north.
We stopped in to the tent area behind the interesting looking white van to meet Scott, a previous winner of some gold duct tape, and his family.
Fittingly, many of his crew works at Red Mountain resort.
Only the essentials in this van. There's not much room for anything else.
Garrett from Bellingham drove up in his camper, which came equipped with proper stairs, to work at the event, get a pass, and ride some pow.
The smell of smoked salmon and lentils cooking lured us over to this next adventure mobile.
Turns out it was home to Alex Yoder, who is a seasoned adventure mobile veteran. This is his second year of camping out at the LBS, but he travels quite a bit in his rig and has managed to avoid paying rent for the past four years.
Imagine seeing that mountain first thing in the morning. That's the glory of car camping.
Sunny days are even better when you can roll out of bed for pow laps.
Props to whoever was sleeping in those tents. That's some serious dedication to outdoor living.
Harry Kearney's adventure mobile looks like it doesn't take nothin' from no one.
Repping the red, white, and blue, out in the lot.
A pop up tent can make the world of difference by adding some extra space to your camp zone.
When you've got a paint job like this, you don't really need to worry about much else.
We came upon a couple pups running around and a fresh campsite in the making. With some beers starting to chill and a BBQ setup, it looked pretty promising.
Andy is a Baker local who comes out every year to ride and watch friends compete. He prefers to ride his Fat Bob deck over anything else.
A long line of trucks, pop-ups, and more circled the lot.
These two vehicles prove you can still have style while living in style.
This rig had some awesome Jamie Lynn art to cap it off. It doesn't get much better.
It's like a bar on wheels, all you need is to stock it. Much cheaper than the lodge, and typically more fun.
This retro looking van had some spot on style.

The best adventure mobiles from the Baker parking lot

Photos: Nick Hamilton

Camping out in the lot at the Legendary Banked Slalom wasn’t always allowed, but now that it is, there’s been a pretty sizable turnout. The official-looking rental RVs weren’t of much interest to us, especially when there’s the likes of Mike Basich’s cabin on wheels, Scott E. Wittlake’s DIY pop-up camper, and many more. We knocked on a few doors and were largely greeted by plenty of friendly faces, and maybe a few strange noises, to come and check out everyone’s setups. Take a look through the gallery to see some of our favorites and the stories behind them.