The 2013 Rat Race at Mt. Hood presented by Drink Water

The 2013 Rat Race took place yesterday, July , Seventh, at Mt. Hood. The Rat Race is a celebration of speed, style, and turning. Those three things are what separate riding a snowboard from all other activities. It was an action packed race that featured riders ranging from legendary pros, to up and coming kids. The course itself was a pretty typical banked slalom course and riders were riding it like normal, except for one part, the whoops. The whoops took out a lot of dudes. Austin Smith got pitched on the whoops and pretty much did a double cork. Preston Strout took home the ‘Bubba Scrubbs” award with his slam in the whoops which took out about five banners. The whoops also chipped Connor Manning’s teeth, and broke one dudes wrist. It was pretty heavy.

Austin Smith mid double cork through the whoops. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt.

While it was an invite event, a lot of people were invited, the number was over 100. Some of the standouts of the day were Blake Paul, with his ripping speed and loose style, Scotty Wittlake was there charging, as was the usual suspects Scott Blum and Alex Lopez. At the end of the day though, it was a race, and that means that the fastest person was crowned the victor. The fastest person at the Rat Race was none other than the legend himself, Terje Haakonsen. Seeing Terje snowboard in person is insane, and if you’re a fan of amazing looking snowboarding, you have to see it in person.

This was the first time in ten years that Terje Haakonsen snowboarded at Mt. Hood.
PHOTO: Aaron Blatt.



Bubba Scrubs: Preston Strout

Tina Turner: Hondo

Hot Dogger: Tim Eddy

Aloha: Temple Cummins

No Parents No Rules: Jake Price

Eat Shit or Die: Stephan Fox

Women’s: Desiree Melancon

Fifth: Zak Hale

Fourth: Blake Paul

Third: Curtis Ciszek

Second: Temple Cummins

First: Terje Haakonsen


Curtis Ciszek looking mad casual. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt.

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