The 2012 Breckenridge Dew Tour: Women’s slopestyle finals

Photos: Nick Hamilton

Words: Hondo

The 2012 Breckenridge Dew Tour: Women’s slopestyle finals

While the day might have been gray and dreary during the woman's slopestyle final, the riding was red hot. The women's slope field consisted of six riders, Sarka Panochova, Kjersti Buaas, Enni Rukajarvi, Spencer O'Brien, Silvia Merttimuller, and Jamie Anderson. Each of the ladies got two runs, and the top overall score won.

Breckenridge_Dew_Tour_Snowboarding_Photo Nick Hamilton

Breckenridge Dew Tour Women’s Slope Podium

There were pretty heavy standouts from all the ladies such as Sarka's huge backside 360's and Silvia's crazy combo rail trick on the waterfall rail, but the contest really only came down to three woman: Jamie, Enni, and Spencer. Enni had a cab 720 in her run, and if she would have got her grab, and stomped it, she very well could have been the winner. But she didn't. So she ended up in third place. Spencer O'Brien on the other hand has one hell of a switch backside 540, and she did grab it, and she did stomp the hell out of it, and she was in the lead up until Jamie Anderson's  second run. But Jamie’s last run was just too good to be beat. It included a gap out to lip slide on the top rail, a switch frontside 540, a frontside 720 , and a switch backside 540. All those tricks were grabbed and done with style too. So Jamie ended up heading home the victor of yet another dew tour medal.