The 2006 Vail Session Bud Light Slopestyle

The Session Bud Light Slopestyle got going Saturday afternoon with qualifiers scaling the field down to fifteen men competing for the 30,000 dollar first place in the fireball finals.

The sun set, the lights came on, and the flaming fireball signaled the start of the hour and a half long jam.

Things got going quick. Chad Ottertrom’s first run put him on the board, starting it off with a switch backside seven, a Cab 9, a frontside 7, and a backside 7 on the four tabletops. He put down a McTwist on the quarterpipe and front board to 50-50 on the rail setup. Travis Rice got the crowd on their collective feet with a run including two sevens, a Cab nine nosegrab, and a gigantic corked double-backflip. Holy Damn.

But, Andreas Wiig came in hot, he was trying to throw a frontside 1080 into his run, which already included a Cab 1080, a backside rodeo 9, and a switch backside nine. He finally managed to stomp the frontside 1080 on his second to last run, but that wasn’t enough to beat Shaun’s unprecedented winning run.

Shaun linked together three 1080’s (every which way but switch backside) and a switch backside 900, leaving commentator Todd Richards at a loss for words and sifting through the mental archives of the days when it was just about how many different ways you could grab your board. It was a run for the history books.

Andreas Wiig made an all-or-nothing effort to overthrow The Shaun, trying for four 1080’s in a riveting last run, but alas, the night again belonged to the redhead, walking from the event with a mellow 39,500 dollars for the weekend.

Some of the other highlights of the contest included David Benedek’s Cab nine rewind shifty number off the last kicker and solid, consistent runs from Burton young gun Kevin Pearce, including nailing a frontside 1080 on his last run.


1. Shaun White
2. Andreas Wiig
3. Travis Rice
4. Chad Otterstrom
5. Kevin Pearce