That Tour: Day 3

That Tour: Day 3

Day 3, and the first official stop took place last night at Sierra Ski & Snowboard shop, in Sacramento, CA—429.5 miles from the point of departure in Irvine, CA. The event was great. About six hundred people showed up to watch the movie in the huge shop. Things got going around five, as people lined up for autographs, and made custom That Tour t-shirts in an assembly line like process.

Everyone mingled and hung out for a bit, waiting for the movie to start, and there was even a shotgun battle between the Sierra Snowboard & Ski employees and the Forum team—the Sierra team sent the competition packing. That movie went on the big screen just after eight, and the stokometer was off the charts. After the movie wrapped, a Boost Mobile phone was given away to the attendant with the most clapped out, busted cell phone; and a Forum Recon 156 went to the best, stupid human trick. The winning performance went to a female who could place both legs behind her head—a trick worthy of more than a snowboard. There was an extremely crowded afterparty on the bus, which now smells like a poorly ventilated casino, and we were on the road by ten, en-route to Oregon.

Sierra Snowboard & Ski just launched a new website, a setup message board accounts with all the Forum guys. Click here to check it out.

This morning we woke up in Eugene, Oregon in front of a historical Oregon building, which houses Tactics boardshop. Tactics has a lot going for them, fresh new gear wall to wall, rad employees, and a clean cavernous bathroom equipped with a shower. In the tour bus industry, we call a stop like this gold. We’re pre-partying at Tactics now, and we’ll head over to the University of Oregon at 7 p.m., to party and show the movie. And tommorrow night the tour hits Seattle, WA.

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