Tenth Annual Crested Butte Boarderfest Is Next Week!

Man, time flies and the good times roll. Crested Butte’s Boarderfest–the contest that makes legends–is already in its tenth year. It’s going down March 2-6, 2004, and you can still make the trip. What, you’ve never been to the Butte? Get in your car, bro. Get in your car.

For those of you who don’t know the deal, let me break it down. Now, there’s no guarantee that the local girls will go wild like they did at Rafters in 2002, but I can assure you some wholesome and sack-shrinking riding.

Boarderfest is one of the only truly grassroots proving grounds left in snowboarding. You gotta ride it all to beat out local shreds on the boardercross, slope, and the big mountain days. There’ll be dudes taking their lives into their hands on Headwall, riding the unrideable all to make the local paper (and the TV show!). There will also be heavy, known riders holding it down–a lot of them started at the Butte, anyway.

The list of riders who have competed and won at Crested Butte is a who’s who of Rocky Mountain snowboarding. But the riding is just a part of the times. At Boarderfest, you’ll actually make new friends, and ride some shit that’s steeper than what your mountain offers–no matter where you’re from. I swear you’ll go back every year like my bro Kurt Kreisher (you still owe me for letting you be the wet T-shirt water boy).

Stop by the Colorado Boarder to check in with everyone, see what’s up, and get acquainted. You may not catch Seth and Jim in there any longer, but it’s still the place to meet up. Because it’s the tenth annual, all the boys will be in town–it’s memory lane, but the place will also be filled with new talent. Maybe a PR girl will even get on the copy machine to help the cause–because, you know the party has to be off the hook.

The snow is better than it’s been in years, so now is your chance. Call Crested Butte for info: (970) 349-2303 or go to ridecb.com and download an entry form. I’ll see you there.

Here are some of the past winners. You should have seen the snow in ’95!


Chris Engelsman/Dave Dowd, Julie Zell


Chris Engelsman, Janet Antram


Paul Elkins, Janet Antram (still hot!)


Gareth Van Dyke, Jeni Milbrath


Danny Hartigan, Jewels Larson


Christian Robertson, Veronica Jarolimek


Clif Dimon, Rachel Baskfield


Clif Dimon, Susan Mol


Clif Dimon, Jewels Larson