The Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival kicked things off right with the McDonalds Rail Session on the night of Saturday April 15th, at the base of Whistler Mountain. Even though Whistler Village was getting pounded with heaps of late season snow, it didn’t keep the hordes of people from attending Saturday night’s event. Skiers and snowboarders alike competed side by side in a jam style format and the crowd ate it up.

The sixteen-stair set up consisted of one down box and one down rail, complete with flaming barrels and a burning car near the landing. Team Canada was spinning the beats while the athletes sessioned the rail for a good hour and a half. Dennis Bannock, Geoff Brown, TJ Schneider, Logan Short and Matt Dano were just some of the talent throwing down for the masses. On the ladies side of things, Spencer O’Brien and Molly Milligan were killing it. After the snow had settled and the smoke from the fires had cleared, Matt Dano and Molly Milligan took home the oversized novelty checks, and everything since then has been a blur.