By John Graham

The 2001-2002-snow season is within grasp and with the need for a phat Lake Tahoe winter Technine Snowboard Bindings kicked off the pre-season with the first Lake Tahoe video premier. The premier was held at SNP, an Incline Village, NV nightclub. The video “Represent”, a finger on the trigger production, was headlined for the night.

Though in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks on the WTC, the rousing event had a core attendance. Technine Signature Pro Rider and Represent’s luminary, Scotty Wittlake, was seen lurking about. Not to mention local heads Stephen Duke, Robbie Sell, and Nate Holland were also on-site to get a temporary fix for what promises to be an epic season.

Industry sales rep Eric Wallis, M6’s new kingpin NORCAL rep was there along with Technine’s NORCAL sales sergeant John Graham. Local shop kids form Out-of-Bounds, Uskate, Boards-n-Motion and Totally Board anxiously waited for the first look at their heroes on the screen. Kirkwood’s Promotions superstar Mike DeLaute and reportedly an ESPN film crew rocked the scene too.

The evening started with a laid-back “local bar” feel. Then with drinks served and attendance high the pre-party transitioned into the premier of the video. Solid riding and skate-style video editing was mixed with a full spectrum audio assault and fired at the assembly of Tahoe hardcores. The movie ended with a round of applause as the fading felling of adrenaline ran threw peoples veins.

After the movie ended Soulmedic DJ’s gave out what product was donated by the movie sponsors. A pair of Technine Scotty Wittlake Pro Model bindings where taken home by a local Uskate ripper. Also, Type-A Snowboards kicked down, one of Transworld’s 2002 Top Ten boards, the Jim Moran Pro Model.

After the raffle DJ Selector Prime worked the club while the evenly matched girl-guy ratio proved to keep the Nevada party rolling until early morning.

When asked what one attendant thought, they said, “Tahoe locals love snowboarding that’s why we live here and when snowboard shops and companies throw movie premiers like this one, you can’t help but get stoked about riding.”

When asked what local rider Camille Wallace thought about the evening, she said, “With super tech handrails and a heaping spoon-full of style, the stubborn riding in this movie is first rate, this Technine team video is off the tracks.”

Well it obvious that Finger on the Trigger put out a killer debut movie. Represent was also co-sponsored by Snowboarder Magazine, Sims Snowboards, Dub, Analog, and Smith Technine’s strong allies in the snowboard world. Without support from these companies evolved and the riders that represent them, Represent wouldn’t have been such a huge success. It is all about keep’n it real. When movies like this hit you can’t help but feel a since of comradely about snowboarding, it’s all about going out with your bro’s and sleigh’s some pow, hit’n some jib’s, or just sliding down the slopes.