Technine Adds New Norcal Sales Rep

By Camille Wallace

Team influenced snowboard bindings are exactly what Technine represents and with its newly acquired Northern California Sales Representative, Technine is coming in hot. John Graham is a long time veteran snowboarder approaching his 18th season of riding. He has witnessed mother natures ever changing snow packs, the growth of an industry and the gradual yielding of ski resort stubbornness. Along the way he has sleighed powder at over 60 resorts, built countless backcountry booters and logged in some very impressive competition results. Yet it has taken John close to a decade to discover his niche. Equipped with a strong head for business handed down from his father John Graham Jr., John shot the gap of being a competitive rider to an MVP sales rep for Atlantis Snowboards and Type A Snowboards.

“I always want to be a rider first,” says Graham. ” It is the reason we all work in this crazy industry, I hope.” Graham’s rookie year in the industry was considerably remarkable. Launching a full grassroots attack on Lake Tahoe Resorts while utilizing his riding skills and reputation, John assembled a team of pro’s like “Sic” Vic Lowrance, and part time Yank, full time Kiwi Patrick Nepia.

Meanwhile, Graham also teamed up with resort kingpins like Mike Delaet of Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Andrew Miller of Northstar-at-Tahoe, and Andy Goggins of Alpine Meadows to promote his brands through terrain park sponsorship.

“Snowboarding terrain parks are a vital component to progressive snowboarding,” claims Graham. “By standing behind resort terrain parks and the crews that run them, more consumers can see that our products are rider confirmed.” With this philosophy, Graham hopes to gain support from core boards shops in Norcal and Northern Nevada. Without the participation from the core board shops these brands are stuck in the flats on a powder day.

“Graham is the only rep in years who has a pulse on what is happening in snowboarding and he rides as good as anyone on my team, he is the best damn rep I have ever had.” said Allen Michaels of Uskate in Incline Village, Nevada. “It is great to know that a sales rep is on our side,” he added. Most of the core board shop clients are young and influenced by brand identity. If regional reps can keep a focus on the youth and the trends that they follow one can expect to see sales grow with the growth of the youth.

“I’m going with the brands that Graham represents because John is behind them and I know he will make them grow within my region,” said Eric Robie of Out of Bounds board shops in Carson City and Reno, Nevada.

Not only is John trusted by the Norcal dealers, he also has strong ties with Tahoe based industry photographers. Photographer James Cole said, “John is very interested in seeing snowboarding expand with a strong cross-marketing approach. Consequently, making most photo shoots profitable for the all reps, all riders, all companies, all photographers and all resorts alike.”

Whether or not dreams come true, John is focused on developing Technine into a Northern California favorite. Check out The 2001 product line at or contact John Graham ( at (530) 546-4639 P.O Box 447 Carnelian Bay Ca. 96140 for catalogs and pricing. Or check out or line at the WWSRA Northern Cal Demo Feb. 26-28