Team Shoot Out DC Team Bios

DC Shoot Out Team

Portraits by Andy Wright

Iikka Backström
Age: 24
Home: Who knows?
Sponsors: DC, Monster, Electric, Nixon, Active
Years on team: 3
Best moment of the Shoot Out: Shredding with the whole team.
One thought: I got hurt.

Kimmy Fasani
Age: 25
Home: Mammoth Lakes, California
Sponsors: DC, Smith, Skullcandy, Clif Bar, CTi, Emergen-C, Nature's Path
Years on team: 3
Best moment of the Shoot Out: A good jump session on Easter Sunday.
Favorite hit: Double gap jump feature.
One thought: I hope we win …

Torstein Horgmo
Age: 21
Home: Oslo, Norway
Sponsors: DC, Oakley, Vestal, Park City Resort
Years On Team: 3 Years
Best moment of Shoot Out: Top-to-bottom run on a GT racer!
Favorite hit: I guess you could call it our "architectural" feature.
One thought: I can't believe it was called a "contest."

Chas Guldemond
Age: 22
Home: Reno Tahoe
Sponsors: DC, Rockstar, Electric, Porters, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Kicker
Years on team: 4
Best moment of the Shoot Out: When we were sessioning the wallride on the third day.
Favorite hit: The main park feature--it was so fun and there was a lot that you could trick off if ya know what I'm saying.
One thought: It was a whole lot of fun riding with the crew at my home town resort--real close to home and real nice weather.

Aaron Biittner
Age: 25
Home: SLC, Utah
Sponsors: DC, Oakley, Celtek, Park City, Milosport, Skullcandy
Years on team: 5
Best moment of the Shoot Out: Magic moguls, or one of Chas' many rodeos …
Favorite hit: Pole-jam step up
One thought: At first we thought it would be pretty hard to make it happen on that feature for a whole week and the weather was kind of a bitch, but it actually turned out to be a lot of FUN. Good times with team DC!   P.S. Major props to the Northstar park crew!

Lauri Heiskari
Age: 25
Home: San Clemente, CA
Sponsors: DC, Oakley, Active, Vestal, Bear Mountain
Years on team: 3
Best moment of the Shoot Out: Sunny days with all my friends and hotdogs and Pierre [Wikberg] joking around--a perfect day.
Favorite hit: Quarterpipe to wallride.
One thought: Iikka opened the shoot with the one of the gnarliest bails I've ever seen while testing the jump. He walked away from it like the mini football player he is … gnarly. That's some inner Bruce Lee strength.

DC Team Shoot Out Media Crew

Pierre Wikberg
Home: USA / Sweden
Job title: Filmmaker
Specialty: Filming and editing snowboarders
Years shooting: 20 years, 13 seriously
Camera of choice: Arri S, Sony VX, Nizo Super 8 and any point and shoot camera with video function (I used a Sony EX-1, Panasonic HVX, Ikonoskop A-CAM, Arri S and Beaulieu Super8 for the Shoot Out).
Dream Shoot: One week riding pow and park with Parker, Oksanen, Wall, Richards, Bäckström, Benedek, Wilhelmson, Ström, Backman, Mosesson, Biittner, Heiskari, Yli-Luoma, Rüf, Müller, Nyvelt, Solberg, Dirksen, etc.
One thought: The Team Shoot Out was a walk in the park.

Andy Wright
TransWorld SNOWboarding Senior Photographer
Home: Salt Lake City, Utah
Job title: Photographer
Specialty: Peak action a.k.a. snow porn
Years shooting: 15
Camera of choice: Any with good optics and a decent flash sync
Dream Shoot: Anytime we are in Alaska and it's too flat light to shoot, but not too flat of light to take heli free-runs.

Northstar-at-Tahoe Team Shoot Out Park Crew

Chris Castaneda
Title: Terrain Park / Youth Brand Manager
Resort: Northstar-at-Tahoe, California
Years riding: 18 seasons
Years building: 11 seasons

What was the greatest challenge in constructing your venue?
Erecting the lift tower and gondola cabin. These pieces were heavy and awkwardly shaped.

What was the highlight of the week?
The highlight was when I knew all team riders had some great shots in the books.

What was the low point of the week?
When Ikka skidded off the back side of the snow cube and landed on his shoulder. With an already injured shoulder, this fall took him out for the remainder of the shoot.

What day was the gnarliest for you or your crew?
Chiseling out the entire feature. We always take pride in making sure that our chiselmanship is on point and looking very impressive. This feature had a lot corners and angles that took a lot of time to tune up.

What was the most impressive riding you saw go down?
When Torstein and Biittner sessioned the snow wallride to polejam. Some of the tricks that they were throwing down on that feature were definitely next level.

How was the Team Shoot Out different than other events for you?
The Team Shoot Out concept was one of the most unique shoots I've worked on. With each brand, resort and SPT project manager working with the same barriers and recourses, this made this project very unique and fun to be a part of.

Mike Schipani
Title: Northstar-at-Tahoe Terrain Park Supervisor
Years riding: 13 years
Years building: 8 years
What was the greatest challenge in constructing your venue?
Ensuring that our feature was functional and could accommodate the entire team as well as their desire for progression.
What was the highlight of the week?
Working with a great team, building an amazing feature, and seeing some true progression in snowboarding was my personal highlight.
What was the low point of the week?
Some unpredictable weather and snow conditions that could not be changed through general maintenance.

What day was the gnarliest for you/crew?
The last day of our build, prior to the teams arrival was certainly the gnarliest. At Northstar we have developed a reputation for our chiselmanship (straight cut walls surrounding all features). Now that we have developed this style of building we have to uphold it.

What was the most impressive riding you saw go down?
I was super impressed by the riding of the entire team throughout the entire event.
How was the Team Shoot Out different than other events for you?
For the Shoot Out, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the team on any changes or ideas. Also the reason we bore witness to such a high level of progression was the fact that the feature concept was driven by both riders and  builders, all of whom were pushing for the next level.