PHOTOS: Frode Sandbech

You’ve seen the covers, videos, and photo galleries, well now it’s time to go behind the scenes and see what really went down during the Nike Team Shoot out. Check out this behind the scenes gallery, and then read what photographer Frode Sandbech has to see about shooting in a mirrored world.


How exactly did you shoot the mirror image shots, and the shots with the crazy reflections on location, and without photoshop?

I had been thinking about shooting all different types of reflections as a concept for a while, from water reflections, to glass mirror reflections where you get a type of double exposure with one exposure and no need to edit after. It's all done on location, and it is something that will make it more real and interesting rather than something that's made on a computer. We used water, mirror, windows, and a glass plate to make the variation of reflections.

Which was the hardest feature to shoot? Which was the most fun? 

All of the features were fun and interesting to shoot. It was a good crew of riders and they all went on for it.

The shot I am most stoked on is the nose pick of Sage. We found the perfect location where I got good reflection from dark trees and bright sky straight into the glass plate. As I was shooting through the plate and capturing Sage doing the nose pick drop, the reflecting trees were making it all come together.

What was the biggest unforeseen obstacle that happened during the shoot?

All of the spots were new to me, so I worked the concept around what showed up.