(GOLDEN, CO) TARE7 (T7), a world leader in marketing, selling and manufacturing of action sports and youth lifestyle products and owner of the airwalk, genetic, and ripzone USA brands, is pleased to report an impressive 89% increase in the company’s domestic bookings from Spring 2001 to Spring 2002. Bookings have increased 19% in international sales over that same period. The increase, which includes bookings for all T7 brands, reflects the company’s expansion in core, major and lifestyle accounts. In the last year, T7 has restructured its leadership team, sales force and strategic focus under the company’s President and CEO Bruce Pettet. The company is showing remarkable strides in fulfilling its vision to lead and inspire the action sports industry through its network of powerful brands.

“The dramatic increase in bookings for 2002 is directly related to our continuing to focus on product leadership within the industry. We will continue to be aggressive in partnering with our retail customers to grow their action sports business,” said Pettet. “We are at a critical point in the evolution of our brands. This incredible increase indicates that our TARE7 architecture is providing each of our brands the ability to evolve and grow within their core market.”

TARE7’s substantial booking increase can be largely attributed to the successful launch of the airwalk® brand’s Trinity Project featuring proprietary Verus technology. Verus technology features the first true impact control system designed specifically for action sports and is leading the industry in providing the most advanced shock absorption system for skateboarding. airwalk was recently awarded Colorado’s Most Innovative New Product Award in the Active Consumer Product category by the Denver Business Journal for Verus Technology.

Recognized as the original skate shoe brand, airwalk® offers an extensive line of skate, snow, and lifestyle products, and has enjoyed a strong resurgence of all its statement product. The company is seeing a heavy increase in bookings for all of its authentic, core products in the $60-90 price point range for Spring 2002. Additionally, the company’s genetic brand is on target with aggressive placement of its line of core skate shoes, while the ripzone brand of apparel continues to succeed in claiming its market share in the domestic action sports market in its inaugural season under TARE7.

Tare7 Grants Toronto-Based RMP Athletic Exclusive Development Rights For Airwalk Outerwear

(GOLDEN, CO) TARE7 recently announced a new strategic alliance with RMP Athletic of Toronto, Canada to handle all design, sourcing and development for the airwalk® line of outerwear. RMP has handled design, sourcing and development for the airwalk® brand of lifestyle apparel, and served as exclusive licensee in Canada for airwalk footwear, accessories and snowboard boots. RMP also serves as exclusive licensee in Canada for genetic footwear, accessories and lifestyle apparel. Since November 2000, TARE7 has served as the exclusive licensee in the United States for RMP’s ripzone brand.

“RMP has proven performance in delivering exceptional product for the airwalk lifestyle apparel category,” said Bruce Pettet, president and CEO of TARE7. “This new alliance will bring RMP’s exceptional outerwear designs, loaded with features and benefits, to airwalk — a recognized, leading outerwear brand.”

Under the new agreement, airwalk will offer three segments of technical outerwear for both men and women. The line will be distributed primarily in specialty and sporting goods stores and will premiere for the Fall 2002 season.

TARE7 has a vision to lead and inspire the action sports industry through its airwalk®, genetic and ripzone brands. Founded in 1986 as the leader in marketing, sales and manufacturing of action sports and youth lifestyle products, the company’s airwalk braand remains recognized as the industry original. The new performance-driven, skate-specific genetic brand was launched with an unprecedented response in September 2000. ripzone is well-known in the Canadian and Japanese snowboard and action sports markets as an outstanding apparel brand capturing the essence of lifestyle. airwalk® and genetic are registered marks of TARE7. ripzone is the registered mark of RMP International. All endorsements of airwalk and genetic products by pro team athletes are compensated by TARE7.