Switch backside 360 Indy with David Carrier-Porcheron

Switch backside 360 Indy with David Carrier-Porcheron

First off, to learn this trick you must be comfortable doing frontside 180s and 540s, as they have very similar landings to the switch backside 360.

1. Find yourself a good park jump or build your own backcountry jump. Cruise toward it going switch and pretty fast.

2. When you start going up the transition of the jump, you want to be on your toe edge, but then you need to switch your weight so you’re taking off on a flat base.

3. Stay low, and bend your knees. As you’re taking off the lip, snap your tail a little and rotate your shoulder and head backside. If you look the way you’re spinning, the rest of your body will follow.

4. Once in the air, reach down and grab your board between your feet with your back hand, tweak, and hold it for days.

5. Spot your landing, and land the same way you would stomp a simple frontside 180.

6. Use that suspension of yours, and bend your knees. Ride away with a smile.

7. Hike back and do it again, and again, and again¿then you’ll feel comfortable to spin 540, 720, or even 900.