Surplus 15.8

Rites Of Spring
It’s March, and if you’re anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, that means slashin’ the slush is just days away. Spring and summer are really good times to capitalize on soft landings by learning some new tricks. Here’s some gear to help you through the hitches of warm-weather riding-whether it’s April showers or the glaring glacier sun.-J.S. “Some mandatory things for summer riding are sunblock-SPF at least twenty. Some type of cloth to cover your face when sunscreen doesn’t help. Lots of water. And realize that no matter how good boots are, they’re going to get soaked after a few days. It’s good to put a plastic bag over the liners before putting them inside your boots for really wet days. Rain jackets are a must just in case you get stuck out there in a storm.”-Tonino Copene, High Cascade on-hill manager

Coppertone Sunscreen, SPF 30
We can all appreciate a good goggle tan, but come to think of it, skin cancer isn’t all that cool. This Coppertone sunscreen is oil-free and won’t sweat off. Sunburns come easier at higher elevations, so be careful.
SRP: $8 Target
One Ball Jay VX Warm Wax
Spring snow can be slow, and the last thing you want is a compulsory speed check on the run-in to a jump. Get some One Ball warm-weather wax and get crazy. SRP: $7

Dish Soap
On those really warm days when it feels like you’re riding with the emergency brake on, look to the kitchen for a little lubrication. Dish soap breaks the suction between your board and the snow in the steamiest conditions … too bad it only lasts for a run or two and will probably dry out the base of your board.
SRP: $3 grocery stores worldwide

Grenade Bozznorth Gloves
The saying “smell the glove” has nothing to do with hand odor, but your winter mittens will definitely be smelling swampy after a few days of spring riding. Better get a pair of Grenade Bozznorth lightweight gloves, a beverage of choice, and embrace the real meaning of the phrase.
SRP: $55

One Ball Jay Citrus Base Cleaner
Slush is nothing like midwinter snow. It’s wet and sticky-filled with dirt and additives. Keep your board healthy with this citrus base cleaner-it’ll have a longer life and a faster shred.
SRP: $8

Rain Days sidebar
Riding in the rain rules-it’s too warm to be icy and too wet to be crowded. But if you’re going to ride in a torrential downpour (or even a few sprinkles), it’s good to be prepared. A few things to remember when riding in the rain: You will get wet. Bring extra gloves, goggles, a beanie, and some jeans to change into when you’re done. Stick to the trees, where the elements are always less severe, and ride the gondola if your mountain has one. Check out the waterproof level on your jacket (measured in millimeters, 20,000 is very good, 2,000 is not so good). Taped seams rule, and a hood is a must. So get wet, have fun, and never be afraid of a rainy day.-Brooke Geary

Nix Wax
So we can’t all get new outerwear every year. That’s why this exists. As opposed to simply washing your jacket and pants, which actually makes them less waterproof, this stuff reactivates the waterproofing and will keep you drier after use.
SRP: $7

Raid Mom’s cabinet and find this handy spray-on item. Apply a coat or two to your boots and say goodbye to leaks. While you’re using household items, don’t be afraid to slap a little duct tape on any problem areas.
SRP: $4 Kmart

Garbage Bags
A few cuts to the sides and top, and a garbage bag can become a stylish rain poncho. All right, so it might not look that cool, but everyone will be jealous when it doesn’t take five days for your jacket to dry out and you don’t come down with pneumonia.
SRP: $2 Wal-Mart

Commodity Of The Month

Win the Homeys barrio from Marc Frank Montoya’s interview opener!
That’s right-due to inflation, rising rent pricess, and a recent ban on loitering, TransWorld Photo Department Manager Amber Lussier is packing up and moving out of her infamous Homeys barrio featured in the October issue. The precious piece of real estate (including 43 residents, one car, one bench, two street lamps, fencing, and Christmas lights) is up for grabs to the most convincing letter writer explaining why they deserve the infamous ‘hood. Marc Frank has been photographed chilling there, so it must be dope. Decisions will be made July 1, 2002, so get your entries in. Send letters to: Kickin’ It With MFM, c/o TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine, 353 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92054.