Surplus 15.7

Pocket Priorities
A trip into the rental shop or restaurant can only mean tracked-out runs and pitted landings. Here’re a few things that might help you avoid the dreaded ski-lodge lockup.-J.S.

Dermatone Medicated Lip Balm
SPF 23-you’re not at sea level anymore.
SRP: $2

Red Zip Tool
Phillips, flathead, wrench, and goggle scraper.
SRP: $12

Clif Bar (Ice Series)
With caffeine!
SRP: $1.50

Red Strap Hardware
Everyone needs a spare at some point.
SRP: $6

Trojan Condom
You can never be too careful.
SRP: $.50

DaKine Rub-On Flourinated Wax
Don’t be a straggler.
SRP: $6

HotHands Hand Warmers
One of the many things you don’t want to freeze off.
SRP: $2.50

Smith Goggle Cloth
Avoid foggles.
SRP: $2

Oakley A-Frame Goggles
A board might be your ticket to ride, but you won’t get too far on autopilot with a pair of three-year-old, scratched goggles. The Oakley A-Frames are some of the tech-est eyewear out there, set apart from other company’s with a special Plutonite lens material-a polycarbonate with the least amount of carbon possible (which means very good optics), and patented lens geometry corrected for curvature, so there’s no distortion or eye strain at any angle of vision. Your eyes literally relax behind these lenses. Plus, the goggles have inherent UV protection and they’re impact resistant-no wonder they’re all the rage on the subways of NYC.
SRP: $85-120

Hot-Ass Man
We all know it’s important to keep warm on the hill. While there’s always the option to bundle up, why not strap on a Kidney-Warming Belt or make use of the fashionable Face/Neck Warmer. HotHands makes a series of thermo-accessories compatible with the company’s warming packets that claim “safe, soothing warmth anytime you need it.” There’s the Therm-O-Belt (SRP: $13) and fleece-covered Neck Warmer (SRP: $13) mentioned above, as well as acrylic Feet Heat Socks ($12), and my personal favorite-the Therm-O-Muff ($13); “the cure for cold hands.” You can find these products at your local redneck headquarters-Wal-Mart or Kmart-or online at:
Nixon Pocket Rocket Watch
Don’t you know what time it is?
SRP: $65

Partners in crime.
SRP: $11.50 for a set of eight,