Summit At Snoqualmie Adds Zaugg

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash. September 3, 2004 -- With a renewed commitment to their freestyle terrain, The Summit at Snoqualmie is poised to unveil the best superpipe in the state of Washington for the 2004-2005 winter season. The Summit has purchased a Zaugg Pipe Monster, the piece of halfpipe grooming equipment recognized industry-wide as “the standard of excellence in pipe grooming.

“To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a superpipe built correctly in the state of Washington yet, said Krush Kulesza, youth marketing manager for The Summit. “We’re stoked to have the best piece of equipment available that will allow us to be the first to get the job done. Olympic specifications for a superpipe are fifteen foot high walls and 427 feet in length. The Zaugg Pipe Monster has the capability to create a superpipe with up to eighteen and a half foot high walls.

Instead of simply scooping material away from the snow walls of the superpipe, the machine acts as an arced snowblower providing a more aggressive cut while maintaining the correct curve between the wall and floor of the superpipe. This creates a pipe with smoother flow while allowing a longer transition between the floor and wall. The machine also permits the operator to throw the snow cut from the wall wherever they desire, instead of simply depositing it on the floor of the pipe for removal at a later time.

“The Zaugg will make the time needed to cut our pipe more consistent regardless of snow conditions because of its aggressive design, said Steve Brockett, grooming manager for The Summit at Snoqualmie. “The amount of material you can move out of the pipe with the Zaugg will give us huge time savings over previous years.

Even the best pipe cutters in the business agree. “With the wetter snow conditions of the Pacific Northwest, the Zaugg will create the most consistent superpipe possible,” said Frank Wells, Snowpark Technologies employee and ESPN X Games pipe cutter.

The Zaugg is manufactured in Switzerland by Zaugg LTD Eggiwil and normally retails for approximately $90,000. For more information on the Zaugg, please visit

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