It’s finally happening. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and things are starting to feel like summer. That’s what you want, right? Wrong. We know how you feel—that freak out when you realize you aren’t going to be able to shred for another half a year. Well before you go into a serious panic, check out these five places to get your summer shred fix.

1. High Cascade Snowboard Camp

Jess Kimura hitting the big jump at High Cascade. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Don’t get it twisted; High Cascade is the only 100 percent summer snowboard camp out there. Located at the base of Mt.Hood, in Government Camp, Oregon, High Cascade is a snowboarder’s dreamland. On hill there’s a private rope tow for their 22 foot Superpipe, a private rope tow for their main park that’s filled with just about any feature you could possibly dream of, as well as a lift serviced lap park. You really can’t go wrong with High Cascade.

New for this year is the inclusion of The Streets into their main park. You know The Streets at Seven Springs? Well this summer the good folks at Forum decided to bring their baby across the good ol’ US of A and park it at High Cascade. We have a feeling it’s going to get heavy in The Streets.

Every session at High Cascade had a different Signature Session featuring some of the top pros, including: Bode Merrill, Pat Moore, Hana Beaman, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Eero Ettala, and many, many more.

Length: 8-day sessions going from June 15–August 12
Price: $1,975–$2,075 depending on the session and lodging.
Max Campers per Session: 235
Killer Coaches: Johnny O’Connor, Kyle Fischer, Scotty Vine, Alex Rodway, and Ben Bogart.



2. Windells

Andrew Brewer. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Windells is a summer snowboard staple for multiple reasons. First: they change their park up every session. If you happen to be lucky enough to be a camper for two sessions, the park you’re shredding on the first session will be completely different on the second session.

Second: Windells has “Team Take Over” sessions. Every week a new team comes to camp and just takes over. Imagine the Forum team of Cam Pierce, Austen Sweetin, and Niko Cioffi ripping and having the best time ever. Well you don’t have to imagine too much, because that’s actually going to happen this summer.

Third: Windells has the best skateboard park ever, so when you’re not shredding their on-hill features, you can skate on endless concrete. And if it’s raining you can skate their monstrosity of an indoor park named, BOB.

Length: 8-day sessions, June 6–August 12.
Price$1,699-$1,969 depending on session and lodging.
Max Campers per Session: 250
Killer Coaches: Brandon Cocard, Dylan Dragotta, Megan Ginter, and Mark Wilson.


3. Camp of Champions

Holy crap look at all of those features... PHOTO: COC

Man, Camp of Champions is no joke. Located on the glacier on the Blackcomb glacier, at Whistler, BC, Camp of Champs features a giant private park with two private rope tows. These rope tows will help you put in countless laps so you can learn all of the coolest and newest tricks. However, if you’re still feeling a little scared, there’s no need. Camp of Champs has five airbags on hill, including a VertEVO bag located on the deck of their 22 foot halfpipe.

Camp of Champs also features “Send it With” sessions where you’ll get to snowboard and hang out with some of the coolest teams in snowboarding. The teams you can send it with this summer include Forum, Monster, Stepchild and more.

New for this summer, COC is expanding their park by 20 percent. That’s a lot more room for jumps and rails, so get ready. It’s going to rule!

Length: 5- to 8-day sessions, June 24–July 15
Price: $990–$1,885 CAD depending on session and lodging
Max Campers per Session: 150
Killer Coaches: Mark Sollors, Alex Cantin, Jake Kuzyk

4. Woodward at Copper and Woodward at Tahoe

Pat Millbury shredding at Woodward At Copper. PHOTO: Courtesy of Woodward At Copper

The world famous skateboard summer camp, Woodward, is now fully in the snow game. Woodward‘s first snow camp, Woodward at Copper is Colorado’s only summer snowboard camp. Featuring three snowboard parks, and visiting pros such as Pat Moore, and Gretchen Bleiler it already sounds like a dream camp. But what really makes Woodward at Copper standout is The Barn. The Barn is where Woodward at Copper keeps their Snowflex Machine, a ton of trampolines, and a sick indoor skateboard park. So when the summer Colorado slush is just getting too wet for you, head into the barn and keep shredding.

New for this year is Woodward at Tahoe. Located at Boreal, Woodward at Tahoe is the only summer snowboard location in Northern California. It features California’s only lift serviced summer snowboarding, a digital-media camp, and a 33,000-square-foot indoor skatepark. Not too shabby…

Woodward at Copper:
Length: 5­ to 7-day sessions, June 12–August 2
Price: $1,000–$1,800 depending on the session.
Max Campers per Session: 150
Killer Coaches: Chad Otterstrom, Rick Shimpeno, Giri Watts

Woodward at Tahoe:
Length: 7-day sessions, June 10–July 14
Price: $1,799
Max Campers Per Session: 180
Killer Coaches:  Niko Cioffi, Andrew Brewer, Dash Kamp

5.  SGT Argentina

Yes that's in the summer. Yes that could be you. PHOTO:Ben Girardi

If riding some serious pow in the summer is more your thing, well then SGT Argentina is for you. Head down south to Bariloche, Argentina and shred at Cerro Catedral. Down there it’s full on winter. That means cold temps, deep snow, and actual, full-blown snowboarding. Always wanted to hit some backcountry pow jumps, but never had the chance? Well now you can. While it might be a little more expensive than all the other camps, it’s worth it. Trust us.

Length: 7- to 14-day sessions, July 25–September 1
Price: $2,195–$4,195
Max Campers per Session: 40
Killer Coaches: Chris Coulter, Andrew Burns, Skylar Holgate