Sully Spearheads Sales At Rome Snowboards

Arming itself with the right weapons to infiltrate the snowboard world and cause a little long overdue havoc, Rome Snowboards is stoked to spread the word that Dan Sullivan has decided to sign on as the new company’s Director of Sales.

With a decade spent working the sales side of snowboarding, both as a rep and a sales manager, Dan brings a demo van full of experience and relationships to the Rome project. And after many roadie years of driving around North America, he backs it all up with a solid street understanding of the kind of service and programs that shop owners need. From his business skills, to his personality, to his heavy stoke for snowboarding, Dan is the perfect match for the Rome brand.

“We couldn’t be more amped that Sully has decided to get involved in establishing this company with us and building strong relationships with our reps and dealers,” says Paul Maravetz, one of Rome’s founders. “Beyond his experience, he’s just a guy that people have a great time working with.”

Since enlisting, he’s been super busy tying up the Rome phone lines. After only a couple weeks at the new gig, he has already started tagging up reps¿with Norcal locked up, the Rome East-West syndicate is starting to rear its ugly head. According to the man himself, “We’ve hatched some unique ideas for working closely with our dealers and giving them a true voice in Rome that will definitely be listened to.” If this were a standard press release, we’d finish off with some boring, canned description of who we are as a company and what kind of product we sell. But this is about Dan and that would only waste your time, so we won’t. If you want more info on what we’re about, just fire us an email at