Sugarbush Opens The Big Park


Jeff DeForge makes use of the new Windells down-flat-down with a front board. PHOTO: DREW AMATO


Photos: Drew Amato

Words: The Catfish

Over the last 6 years, Park Manager Tony Chiuchiolo has taken the once overlooked Sugarbush Terrain Park and transformed it into the jib mecca of Northern Vermont. Recently, the park gained national recognition when it landed a spot in TransWorld SNOWboarding's Top 5 East Coast Parks of 2013. This weekend Tony, with help from Park Designer Trevor Borrelli, Park Fabricator Richie Picarelli and the rest of the Sugarbush Park Crew unveiled the mountain's most innovative park to date. With a unique mixture of 25+ skate influenced rails/bonks and a solid jump line, there is a guaranteed feature for all skill levels. The features that stood out the most to many riders this weekend were the new Strap'd Up down rail, the 12'-24'-12' Windell's DFD and very intimidating elbow rail to elbow down-flat rail.  With great flow and a variety of lines to be taken, it is without a doubt the best park the Sugarbush Park Crew has put together. With the addition of two new parks in the coming weeks it is easy to say that the park is only going to get better.