Strap Binding Update

Strap bindings have come a long way since rubber tubing held feet onto staves. Some of the sensations will never change, like dropping over the edge and letting gravity have its way. However, technology has refined snowboarding so the sensations are more easily coerced to conform with style and grace rather than hanging on for dear life.

From toe ramps, pads, and rubber dampening devices to new materials and refined ratchet systems, innovations continue to bring higher levels of comfort and performance to the strap-binding realm.

Snowboarding technology is catching on to ergonomics and anatomical design, delivering more comfort and control to the sport. Moveable heel cups and tool-free forward-lean adjuster are nice advancements, and there are also more colors and finishes to choose from than ever before.

Better construction, design, and use of materials are pushing this year's equipment into the new millennium with the right attitude.